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The Kennedy Center Honors Miss Lana Banana

A lot of people have talked about this scene as a final-act twist, calling into question the veracity of the whole season. I guess the idea is that Lana cooked up the whole story as a fiction, from this moment on? I get the impulse to read it that way. We've been conditioned to expect the rug to get pulled from under us and the fact that we're seeing a flashback at all makes you want to figure out why. What's the hidden key that unlocks the whole series? Ultimately, I don't think this scene is here for plot purposes. It's here to tie up the theme. It's here for that final line. Lana Winters did look in the face of evil. It did look right back at her. Same as it did to Judy Martin. And Sister Mary Eunice. And Grace Bertrand. And Timothy Howard. And "Anne Frank."

As 1964 Lana strides out of Briarcliff, Judy looks back at the still-intact statue of the Virgin and the triumphant return of "Dominique" plays us out. One last gift to me personally. Ryan Murphy has a reputation for letting things fall apart. Or, more accurately, for blowing things apart of his own spastic volition. I've always said that he made one perfect season of television, that being Nip/Tuck Season 2. This season right here joins that list, right at the top. From inception to execution -- across the board -- he did it. Tim Minear sure helped. Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson sure helped. I'm glad we all got to experience it together. Now, bring on those witches and Season 3!

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