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The Kennedy Center Honors Miss Lana Banana

It's nighttime now with Kit and Lana. He's been telling this story all day. He says he doesn't know what happened when the kids took Jude into the woods, but when they came back, Jude was better. I love that Kit knows his babies are alien babies and knows the aliens have rehabilitation skills and still he's like, "I dunno, something?" In the flashback (of the flashback, yes), Judy is clear-headed and so wonderfully happy I could cry. She's teaching Kit and the children how to swing dance. She's smiling and making jokes. She's the Judy she was always meant to be. She taught Thomas how to sow, Kit says, and trades Julia's dolls for trucks so she'd learn to be tough. Kit tells Lana it lasted for six months. The blood dripping from Jude's nose as she starts to dance with Thomas is the signal that six months are over. She got sick. I don't know if it's alien sick or just regular old fragile people sick. Not sure it matters. Kit and the children tend to her throughout. We see Jude, through tears, give some last words of hard-won wisdom to Julia and Thomas. She loves them so much; they love her. They call her "Nana." I don't even know what to say about Jessica Lange this season. Few things on television in my whole life have been as rewarding as watching what she's gotten to do across these last 13 episodes. Kit ushers the kids out; she knows she's going. "I'm here," he assures Jude. "I'm not going to leave you alone." Jude says she's not alone. She's here. Whatever hateful perverse form the Angel Conroy took last episode is gone now. She's back to the kind face of welcoming death she always was. "I don't know who she was talking about," Kit tells Lana. "...I do," says Lana. The Angel Conroy asks Jude if really now, after all those false alarms, she's really ready. We get the Angel's POV as Jude says she's ready. Her bed seems to float up to meet the Angel's face. "Kiss me," she asks, serenely. All alone now, the world having gone away, Jude gets her final blessing. May she rest.

After the break, we're back in the present with Lana and April. April kind of gathers herself before asking Lana about a controversial period in her career. Lana says that half of New York wanted to lynch her when she went after Cardinal Timothy Howard. April remarks that he was a rising star in the Church, but Lana is unrepentant. She says the man had questions he needed to answer. We flash back to Lana hounding him in a parking garage, crew in tow. On camera, she questions him about the evidence that has come to light about Dr. Arthur Arden and the human experiments he was conducting at Briarcliff. Howard, true to his loathsome character, stonewalls and tries to get the eff out of there as soon as he can. When Lana questions him about the patients who were killed in the name of Arden's experiments, Howard flashes back to his strangling Shelley in her hospital bed. Lana keeps after him, all, "What are you running from?" and "Answer the question!" April says that many people still hold Lana responsible for what became of the Cardinal, but Lana says she can't take credit for the man's guilty conscience. And indeed, we get a shot of Timothy Howard dead in his bathtub, wrists slit, tub water a deep red. As I said in the recaplet, it's a much kinder demise than the man had coming, though you could probably convince me that him dying pathetic and cowardly like this is exactly what he deserved.

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