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I Am Anne Frank, Part 2

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I Am Anne Frank, Part 2
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I neglected to mention this last week, but we've now gone two weeks without checking in with our modern-day friends. I guess this means Adam Levine and Mrs. Channing Tatum are not only merely dead but really most sincerely dead. But we've still got the Cult of Bloody Face to deal with, right? Anyway.

We open on Sister Jude in her travel kerchief, driving somewhere in the inky black of night. She arrives at a shadowy apartment building and enters the apartment of one Sam Goodman, played by Mark Margolis, familiar for any number of characters but most recently for playing Tio Salamanca on Breaking Bad. This meeting is very clandestine on both sides. Goodman does his work in secret, it seems, while Sister Jude is having this meeting unbeknownst to Monsignor Howard, having been sent by Mother Claudia. Goodman accepts no payment -- he does this for non-monetary reasons. She asks him if he lost someone in the camps, and he pulls up his sleeve to reveal his tattoo: "Everyone," he says. He lost everyone. She hands Goodman a file on Arden, tells him about the possible "Hans Grouper" alias, and that he might have been an SS doctor. The file is thin, just a home address, which might even be a lie. Goodman says it probably is. He explains Operation Paperclip to her and says Arden may well have been given a brand new identity by the U.S. government. The camera is really working in this scene, roving over the room at the maps and head shots on the walls, peering into the mirror. He asks if she has ever seen him without a shirt on, which we both find pretty gross. Goodman says an upper-arm tattoo of his blood type was the mark that Allied soldiers put on SS officers. She asks if she should look for it, but Goodman says no. (Too bad; that would've been a howler of a scene.) If Arden really is a Nazi, Goodman says, the last thing you want to do is corner him.

Speaking of! Anne Frank chases a bleeding-from-the-leg Arden into Sister Jude's office, but only Devil Eunice is there, probably planning another pair of cracked glasses of something. Anne wants to prove to Sister Jude that Arden is who she says he is -- a monster. "You should see what he has in his lab," Anne says. At this, Arden fixes Eunice with a look and orders her to go. Anne, gun still to the back of Arden's head, says she can wait a few more minutes, after waiting all these years. Bad idea, since Frank is now behind her with a gun to HER head. Fun's over.

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