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I Am Anne Frank, Part 1

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I Am Anne Frank, Part 1
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We begin our show this week by introducing some fresh meat. Frank is explaining to Sister Jude that the cops dropped off a woman for an "involuntary psychiatric hold." Basically, this woman was disturbing the peace in some way, had no ID on her and wouldn't talk to the cops, so they dropped her at Briarcliff. Frank says when he was on the force they used to do it all the time. He lets Sister Jude in to see the woman and she's being played by Franka Potente, of Run Lola Run and The Bourne Identity fame. Sister Jude exposits the circumstances of Franka's arrest for her/us: she was at a bar and some yahoos made an anti-Semitic remark, so she broke a glass and stabbed one of them with it. "He'll live," Franka says, "but he will never forget." Sister Jude gives some lip service to the atrocities that Franka's "people" endured. She asks if she lost anyone in the war and in response, Franka just starts whistling. Stymied and probably annoyed at her insolence, Sister Jude says they'll start treatment tomorrow morning.

Elsewhere in the hospital, one of the patients isn't having it so good. Poor Shelley, you guys. She's still strapped to the bed in Dr. Arden's secret lab. Her legs are, regrettably, still amputated at the knee. And now, it looks like Arden has been injecting her with all sorts of experimental serums. As a result, she's got blisters and pustules on her face, her vision is cloudy and I think her hair is falling out. He's using her like an animal testing lab at a cosmetics company, and probably far worse than that. "Am I gonna die?" she frantically asks (begs?) him. "Not exactly," Arden says, as he preps her next injection. "As a matter of fact, after this, you'll probably live forever." Oh my GOD WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? Shelley screams us into the credits.

Credits. Commercials. Then we're in the award-winning Briarcliff bakery (today's special: lithium scones), where Kit is stealing some time with Grace. She notices the bloody cut on his upper lip, which he says is nothing, but we have the benefit of flashbacks where we can see that the source of the wound was another trip to Arden's lab. This time, Arden got him naked (aw, yeah), where he seems to be demanding to know where Kit put the spider-chip. He can't see a new incision to mark where it might have been re-implanted. "What'd it do, crawl up inside you? Through which orifice?" That is a grim harbinger of what Arden's going to do with Kit next, but all we see is that Arden X-rays the shit out of him. Grace asks him if this is the chip the aliens put in him to track him. He says yes, and knowing how strange that sounds, he asks if she still believes him. She says she does, though it doesn't matter what she believes. He says it does -- your story is all you have in here. He asks once again for Grace's story and this time she finally agrees. So Grace's story goes as such:

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