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Previously: Myrtle came back from the dead, Misty was tentatively crowned the Supreme, and Marie chopped Delphine's head off and left it on Fiona's doorstep, just as chatty as she ever was.

Flashback to a young Hank on a quaint little father-son hunting trip. They are enjoying the pastoral 1991 setting of the Chattahoochee National Forest and all the rites of passage that come along with such bonding exercises. His father gives him his very first thermos of coffee! They share a laugh over how soon enough Hank will be adding bourbon to his coffee like the rest of us drunks! Hank the Tank, and all that. They plot to stalk and murder a witch together! Ahh, fathers and sons.

This is baby Hank's first kill, and he's very nervous, but his father reassures him it's just like practicing at the range (yeah, right), and besides, every witch hunter is nervous the first time out. The only cure for stage fright is cold-blooded murder, you know. Hank's father hands him a massive silver bullet, and baby Hank loads up his rifle.

They track their prey through the woods as silently as they can manage, but it appears their witch is on to them – they see her scurrying behind them in the brush, no doubt trying to escape. Hank's father leaves him alone to go scare her out of hiding, and for a second I actually thought this would be a teachable moment where Hank gets spooked and shoots his father accidentally, but unfortunately that doesn't happen.

What does happen is that Hank's father chases the witch into a clearing in Hank's path. She is crying and begging for her life, and Hank, being a somewhat innocent child at this point, hesitates. It looks like he can't do it. His father is screaming like a maniac behind him at this point to "PUT HER DOWN! PUT! HER! DOWN!" but Hank lowers his rifle. She seizes the opportunity and throws some pyrokinesis at him. His father leaps in front of the flames and pushes Hank to safety, but burns his arm for the trouble. Still on fire, he grabs his rifle and shoots her in the head, then puts himself out. I mean, I'm sorry, but that is badass. Annoyed at his boy's weakness, he scolds Hank that they can never show any mercy with witches. They can never forget what they are. I bet he just loves Hank's schoolboy crush on Cordelia these days.

Marie's salon is bustling midday when Fiona walks in with The Box. It's been neatly closed back up, so no need to make a scene with the decapitated talking white lady head inside – unless Marie would like to force her to make one by refusing to speak with her in private. Queenie's working the reception desk, by the way. A new coven and a cushy part-time job? Not a bad deal!

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