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Dark Cousin

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Dark Cousin
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Hey, here are two nuns we haven't seen before. Young and pleasant and happy -- what are they doing at Briarcliff? They're amiably discussing Lilies of the Field as they enter the medical ward for morning rounds. Their first patient is Grace, who is barely conscious and burning from fever -- still from the alien encounter, it would seem. They pull back the covers to see blood covering Grace's lower half and the bed. Coupled with the fact that the last time we saw Grace she was ALSO bleeding from vaginal area, it gives the impression that nothing's been done to help her in a while. The young nuns score more points with me as they opt not to call Dr. Arden about it, calling him a "butcher." While they try to revive Grace themselves, the camera cuts to another angle and we see an older woman, dressed all in black, with very pale skin and a veil. She's played by Frances Conroy, who was so fantastic on the show last year. She reaches out to Grace and Grace (who in actuality is still unconscious) reaches back and says "I'm ready." Suddenly, Frances unfurls two giant black, feathered wings, places a gloved hand on Grace's face and pulls down to kiss her. Before that can happen, however, one of the nuns pounds on Grace's chest and re-starts her heart. She's awake now. The dark angel is gone. "You should have let me go," she whispers, in tears.

After the credits, Devil Eunice pays a visit to Dr. Arden, who's tending to his plants and herbs. Eunice throws some very measured shade at the good doctor, alluding to his shitty "all-thumbs" care for his patients. He's all, "WTF" so she starts in on him about Grace and how he obviously must've botched her sterilization procedure, considering she nearly bled out in the infirmary today. For once, Dr. Arden's "I don't know what you're talking about"s are honest. He knows of no such sterilization procedure -- he never performed one. Eunice doesn't believe him and says, "All of her girl parts have been scooped out." Inelegant phrasing aside, Eunice isn't lying either. We seem to be at an impasse. Arden objects to both Eunice's insinuations and her tone. "As the head of this institution, I demand to be spoken to with at least a modicum of respect." She nearly laughs in his face: "You really think you're in charge?" He slaps her in the face. Mistake. See, Devil Eunice doesn't need to curry Arden's favor anymore. He's already installed her as Sister Jude's replacement. "You touch me again," she warns, "you will die." He moves to strike her again, this time with a backhand, but she uses her Devil powers to throw him across the room without even touching him. She looks down at him, on the floor, shocked and likely bruised and says she hopes this has clarified the chain of command. She's always been in charge.

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