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Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Next thing we see -- as time begins to not really matter/exist -- Jude is in her cell bed, waking up to the Angel bending over her and, with the Prisoner's voice, asking for a kiss. Jude pushes her away, screaming, "I don't want to die!" Did this happen? At all? No idea, but Jude's clearly losing her marbles. The orderlies rush down to her room to find Jude beating on her roommate, screaming, "She's Death, I've seen her before!" It's not Conroy who she's beating on but rather some heretofore unseen prisoner. New roommate? How long has it been since she was assigned Conroy? Was she ever assigned Conroy? Does Conroy exist? Jude's mind is deteriorating faster than we can address these questions.

Jude's finally dragged in front of the new director of Briarcliff... who is in her old office, no less. She's in a straitjacket and possibly drugged. The director, Dr. Miranda Crump (which feels like it might anagram into something but I don't have the time to work it out), asks Jude if she knows where she is and who she's speaking to. Jude doesn't, exactly, but she knows enough to fake it and to say only of her assault on her roommate, "I don't like her." Don't give them any ammo, Jude. Crump notes that Jude has been through five roommates in two months and hasn't gotten along with any of them. This fast-forwarding of the timeline seems as much news to Jude as it is to us. Has she been losing time? She manages to just nod along with Crump's request that she make more of an effort to get along with her roommate, but then she brings up Monsignor Howard. She asks Crump if there's been any word from him about her release. Crump looks confused and finally realizes who Jude's talking about. Timothy Howard has been Cardinal of New York for two and a half years now and there have been no efforts to secure her release. Jude seems to think she spoke to Timothy just on Monday. Crump says she's confused and Jude rages out. She calms herself and them tells Crump to ask Pepper, as she was there. Crump again doesn't know until Jude reminds her: "The pinhead." This jogs Crump's memory; she says Jude was quite upset when Pepper passed. "Pepper died, Betty," Crump says, showing her Pepper's file. "The winter of '66, shortly after we took over."

Okay, bear with me as I try to work out the timeline as best I can. The chyron at the beginning of this segment clearly said 1968. Pepper apparently died in 1966. Monsignor Howard left Briarcliff in the care of the state "two and a half years ago," which means it's NOW 1968. So the Candy Land Diplomacy was never real, nor, seemingly, was Jude's hopeful conversation with the Monsignor. The Prisoner Conroy may or may not be real or at least may or may not look anything like the Angel Conroy. Like... no wonder Jude's gone crazy. I might too, having to keep all this straight. Judy starts to cry because she honestly doesn't remember that Pepper died. Dr. Crump is sympathetic, though of course her only remedy is to promise to have the doctor up her meds. That should definitely help. Oh, Jude. You really wanted to be the Queen of Gumdrop Mountain.

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