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Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Later, Jude ascends the staircase with Pepper and warns her of the dark clouds rolling in. She's going to be lucky to get out of here once the Monsignor's orders come through. Pepper cautions her not to put too much stock into Howard's promises. Jude assures her that she looked into his eyes and believed him. Pepper: "There's nothing there." Jude looks down from the landing at the influx of new patients. More souls to take care of. The irony is obvious but not un-poignant: Sister Jude has finally lived up to her calling to take care of the sick and tormented. As she looks down, Alma Walker looks up at her. A new patient. A new soul that needs saving.

Later on, Jude's heading back to her room, chatting amiably with Jorge the orderly, promising to pray for his mother's speedy recovery from such-and-such. The important thing here is that Jorge is played by Andrea's husband from Beverly Hills, 90210. And that this is his only line in the episode. Sad day for a proud teen drama. Anyway, Jude gets let into her room only to find Prisoner Conroy in there, greeting her with a husky, "Hello, gorgeous. I'm on top." Bunk beds, see. Jorge tells Jude that everybody has to double up now and shuts the door. Jude still thinks this is the Angel going under deep cover and so continues to rail that she doesn't want her here. But Prisoner Conroy is on some lady-prison power trip, claiming everything in the room -- including Jude -- hers. She backs Jude into the corner, making sexual advances in her gutter voice and it's all so unsettling, but it's also kind of brilliant that for two seasons now, we've had this buzzy, brilliant TV show that has featured two women circling 60 facing off the kind of pitched dramatic battles of will that are almost always reserved for men. Jude tells Conroy to stay away from her. She's maybe now coming around to the idea that this isn't the Angel but still someone to be wary of.

Cut to a few days later or so, and Jude is unnerved, not able to concentrate at Candy Land -- clearly not the confident player-coach we saw before. Prisoner Conroy comes sauntering into the common room with her lady posse, staring down the other inmates. She leers at Alma, who flees to the other side of the room. She then approaches poor Percy and harasses him about taking his pills. She'd previously instructed him to squirrel them away, see. And she can't have him challenging her authority in front of everyone else. So, quick as lightning, she pulls out a shiv and sticks him in the gut. During the commotion, she does that prison movie thing where you pass the weapon from person to person through your entourage so you don't get caught with it. Percy ends up bleeding out on the floor while Jude stares at Conroy, who blows her a kiss.

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