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Let's Do the Time Warp Again

The next day (or a next day), Grace is playing with Tommy and Alma is clearly on edge. When Julia cries out from the next room, she brusquely tells Grace she's got it. Grace sees that Alma is pissed off and confronts her about it. Alma lays it down about the alien talk: she's sick of it -- sick of Grace talking about the worst experience of her life like it was a religious experience. Grace is like, "Well, it WAS!" The essential divide between these two women is spelled out as they argue: the aliens brought Grace back to life and gave her a child. They ARE the miracle workers. Alma, however, was happy at home in her bed when they took her away to probe-rape her, and when she came back, her husband had spent a year in an asylum and had a baby with a crazy French chick. Then it gets all I Heart Huckabees philosophical up in here. Alma thinks the aliens are senseless and cruel and random and never coming back (Isabelle Huppert slinks along in the background); Grace thinks the aliens are advanced life forms with a plan for all of them and are so totally coming back (Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman listen in from the bathroom). Alma freaks out at Grace's certainty that the aliens will someday come back for the children. She doesn't want that, and if Grace does anything to make them come back... she's cut off from the rest of that sentence both by Grace and by the show's random foreshadowy intercutting of Kit splitting logs in the backyard. The conversation devolves quickly, as Grace talks about the aliens being drawn to Kit's pure empathy (that's one word for it), and Alma gets all finger-in-your-face-like "Don't tell me about Kit." Grace: "You think your life was so great?" Alma: "Before my husband came home with Lizzie Borden?" Grace: "At least I'm not raising my kid to be ashamed." Alma backhands her for that one, which she immediately regrets. She tries to take her hand to apologize, but Grace slaps it away. Once again, Kit comes in and has no ability to mediate conflict. He calls for a "family meeting," but Grace just picks up Tommy and goes out for a walk. Alma, meanwhile, just glares.

That night, Alma sleeps next to Kit, who can't seem to sleep at all. He gets up and heads to the living room, where Grace is sitting on the floor, drawing more aliens. They talk in scriptwriter talk about how she never sleeps, but she thinks she's slept for most of her life and she doesn't want to waste another minute, and also love means never having to say you're sorry. She turns to face Kit and tells him she loves him and Alma and their miracle babies. She's not rueful, but rather openly hopeful and optimistic, happy in the way that people who honestly think they are blessed are happy. Still, she says, she won't live in fear, not like Alma. "The future is coming," she says, "we cannot hide from it. We have to engage with it. We have to embrace it." That embrace comes in the form of an axe to the back of Grace's head, courtesy of Alma. She throws another hack in, just in case. Kit throws her to the ground, screaming, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE?" Alma yelps that Grace was going to call the aliens back for their children. She couldn't let that happen. Then she just starts repeating, "We have to hide, we have to hide," over and over like a crazy person. Again, this show gets crazier and crazier, but its central message -- simple (or simplistic) as it is -- remains the same: institutional repression leads to madness and violence and carnage. Every time. Kit, splattered with blood, goes to be with Grace as she bleeds out. Alma retreats into a corner. He kisses her head and then, with a familiar sickening crack, he pulls out the axe. We're then treated to a repeat of the cold open, this time with Alma visible off in the corner. Kit doesn't know what to do. He calls to the babies (Thomas, I think) that he'll be right there. The tear falls down his cheek. His world has come apart. He still looks good in the underpants, though.

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