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Let's Do the Time Warp Again

That night, Kit prepares to go to bed with Alma, but she's clearly ill at ease. She doesn't really respond to his sexual advances, so you know it's bad. She says she's bothered by Grace's obsession with the aliens, and Kit notes that she doesn't seem to ever want to talk about it at all. Alma thinks Grace is acting out because Kit isn't spending enough time with her. Kit kind of resents how Alma is attempting to parcel out his time with his two ladies, but Alma is clearly not doing this for some Machiavellian purpose. I think she honestly wants a harmonious household (and for Grace to quit it with the drawings), so Kit ultimately does go to Grace wearing those telltale underpants, which are now overcast with dread. (These are sentences you only get to write while recapping Ryan Murphy shows.) Grace is finishing up yet another drawing. Kit doesn't show much interest. Grace says they're not for her, but for their children, who have to know where they come from. Kit tries to calmly address her mania via Alma's concerns. Grace just sadly says that Alma wants to forget. But it's not the alien memories that trouble Grace. It's the memories of her going Lizzie Borden apeshit on her parents. She's worried she could lose control like that again, but Kit assures her she's a different person now. And with thoughts of clit-faced aliens and axe murder dancing in their heads, Kit and Grace make love.

Meanwhile, Alma's just in her own room just enjoying the quiet, when the lights flicker. Boy, that's gotta be one of the major drawbacks of alien abduction. Every light flicker must make you think it all ha -- HOLY SHIT THE BRIGHT LIGHTS ARE BACK. The buzzy alien sounds are audible, though maybe only to Alma. She screams for Kit, saying, "THEY'VE COME FOR US!" Grace gets to her first, helps her pull her shit together long enough for them to retrieve the children. Out in the living room, Kit's loading his gun and a Molotov cocktail crashes through the front window. Looks like this time it IS local hoodlums looking to terrorize the mixed-race couple (well, trio). Grace gets to stomping out the flaming curtains, Kit hightails it outside to chase the cowards and Alma can only cower on the floor, imagining a lifetime of this kind of fear hanging over her head.

A short while later, Kit is explaining to the cops how he's certain it was Billy Marshall and his band of dickless cohorts. Inside, Grace is wrapping a crying Alma in a blanket. The cop is overtly hostile to Kit, finally tipping his hand when he tells Kit he's heard about his family with two babies, "one Caucasian, one Negro," and how polygamy is "illegal in the state of Massachusetts." Hey there, Mr. Asshole Cop, I've watched enough David E. Kelley legal dramas to know that it's the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Kit returns to the house and Grace tells him that Alma is inconsolable in her room. He asks Grace how she's doing and she's like, "I'm strong, remember?" I think secretly Grace is enjoying how well she's comparing to Alma at this moment. She encourages Kit to go to Alma, but the look on her face says that she wishes he didn't want to.

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