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Let's Do the Time Warp Again
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It's 1967. We know that it's 1967 because of the embroidered/bedazzled calendar that hangs in the kitchen. The show kind of keeps us on the hook about where exactly we are right now, but I don't have to do that. We're at Kit's farmhouse. It's been two years since last we saw Kit, Grace and baby Thomas encounter a returned Alma and a Gender-Indeterminate Baby (it's a girl). They're all living together now in one big apparently-polygamous family. It dawns on us that we're hearing panting coming from the living room. Is it sex? Murder? It's American Horror Story, so it can only be one or the other. And indeed, after a sickening cracking sound, the next thing we see is Kit Walker -- clad in a t-shirt and white underpants -- entering the frame bloodied and holding an axe. A dead body sits juuust out of frame. Oh, Kit. You poor dumb thing. Who talked you into doing that? One of the babies cries for Daddy from the other room. A freaked-out Kit calls out that Daddy will be there in a minute. To finish the job, maybe? What is happening? (Probably not. In a telling detail I missed the first time around, a tear streaks down Kit's face, joining the blood.)

After the break, it's still 1967, but in pre-axe murder times. We get a glimpse into life on the polyamorous farm. Alma washes the veggies and minds the children, while Grace obsessively sketches portraits of the vagina-faced aliens who abducted them. You get the sense that there's a division of labor wherein each of the women mothers her own child, but Grace is kind of dropping the ball with Thomas, who's running around the house with toilet paper. Also, Alma absolutely does not want to talk to Grace about the aliens and is pretty obviously not comfortable with Grace's obsessive interest in them. Kit, in the tradition of every man in this decade no matter how far down the hippie rabbit hole he's fallen (in this case, pretty far), doesn't notice any of this. He's too busy enthusing about the five of them heading down to such-and-such protest. I absolutely love the show's cartoonish presentation of the late 1960s here. It's just a pair of sideburns and a vague notion of "protest." Alma doesn't want to go to the protest, and Grace doesn't much care about anything but her drawings. Alma voices concern that the drawings might be too much for the kids to handle. Kit pusses out of a confrontation by simply taking Thomas off of Grace's lap and offhandedly complimenting Grace's talent. Alma is not pleased.

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