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The Coat Hanger

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The Coat Hanger
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The trendy bamboo curtains in the office and sensible yet stylish cardigan worn by the therapist clue us in that we're starting off in present day. Far from the nightmarish ruins of Briarcliff (though how far we don't know), we're sitting in on a counseling session. The therapist is played by Brooke Smith, beloved (by me, at least) character actress, best known in horror circles as Catherine Martin, girl in a hole in The Silence of the Lambs. The patient ... oh, hell. The patient is played by Dylan McDermott, who we already know has been the voice of the presumed Bloody Face 2k12. I'm making a vow not to get used to Brooke Smith, is all I'm saying.

So Dylan's name is Johnny Morgan, and he's come to Dr. Catherine Martin, hypnotherapist, she thinks to quit smoking. But no. He just heard she was good at curbing compulsions, which is what he needs. He's kinda rough-looking, now that we get a good angle on him: scraggly beard, neck tat, unshowered most likely. He says he wants to "stop," though of course he's vague about what it is. "The first time I tried it, it was scary, but it felt amazing," he says as she makes her notes. His foster family kicked him out for "it" and he bounced around the system until he learned to hide "it." Dr. Catherine Martin thinks "it" is masturbation. "It" is actually skinning animals, which Dylan Face tells her in a super annoyed tone of voice, like she's an idiot for not figuring it out. She looks nervous but presses on.

"Did you know that killing animals is a predictor for psychopaths?" he asks. He says he learned this when he was in prison for armed robbery. It was there that he also researched who his real parents are. Dr. Catherine Martin tries to beg off at this point, saying she may not be qualified. He yells at her that she HAS to help him, as "the thoughts" have been harder to ignore since he found out who he was. Those thoughts tell him to re-trace his roots. He's now renting the house where his father lived. Those thoughts tell him to hurt women, to skin them. At this, we get a flashback to poor Mrs. Channing Tatum, as he skins her alive. He doesn't have the easiest time doing it, however, and in the office, he tells the doctor that he doesn't have the same skills as his father. He made a mess. He wonders if it's too late. "To turn yourself in?" Dr. Catherine Martin asks, hopefully. "No!" he snaps at her, "to go to medical school!" Ah, of course. He laments that he'll never live up to his father. See, his real name is Thredson, not Morgan. "I'm the son of Bloody Face." Oh shit, Catherine, not again.

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