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How Marie Laveau Got Her Groove Back
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In a algae-covered swamp, the camera pans down to reveal an alligator caught on a line, and I'll say this now: Like with many scenes on this show, it's pretty easy to foresee at least the gist of what's coming; the genius of it is that it only enhances my enjoyment. Through the green film cuts a small boat with an outboard motor carrying two men, and the alligator swims about with a more agitated but still futile effort as one of the hunters crows that they've got another one and lauds the efficacy of jerk chicken as bait, which I admit would probably catch me too. After a bit of talk about the alligator's keen olfactory senses, the other of the Swamp People notes that they have a lot of skinning to do before it gets dark, so the first one wastes no time in pulling the gator up and blowing its brains out. And if you're at all doubtful that no animals were harmed in the filming of this episode, consider how often you've ever seen a cutaway from violence on a Ryan Murphy show.

But we won't have to wait long for some gore, as no sooner have they landed the boat than do they hear Stevie Nicks' "Edge Of Seventeen" playing loudly (Joe Reid is going to be so mad he missed recapping this episode), and when they look inland, they see a woman whose frizzy blonde hair even at this distance identifies her to us as Misty Day. The men quickly discuss how while she doesn't look like she's from Fish and Game, their little operation could net eighty grand in fines, so I'm guessing their plan is to err on the side of killing Misty. Of course, they don't know about her power, but that's just another thing that will quickly be revealed. Clarifying the guy's mention of the fines, we see the corpses of several other alligators strung up in a small clearing, and with her back to them Misty talks about how "this" is all wrong – there's murder, "all rot and black. This will not be forgiven." Being burned at the stake seems to have helped her not to mince words. She asks them why they'd kill God's innocent creatures for monetary gain, and despite the fact that this makes her seem more like a random tree-hugger than an actual threat, it's enough for the older of the two hunters to draw his handgun: "You play with dead things, you're more'n likely to join 'em." It's not quite "If you look in the face of evil, evil's gonna look right back at you," but as a theme for at least this episode it's perfectly serviceable.

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