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Demons from Nell
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Gary's home brushing his teeth before bed and blowing off his mom when a certain transmission through the electronic aether that he's constantly attuned to suddenly demands his attention. "Gotcha," he says.

Later, in a suburban house somewhere, a couple of guys are listening to the Doors' "When You're Strange" while futzing around with a tablet computer that needs recharging and eggs that got a little overcooked. Obviously, these Alphas have the uncanny ability to make on-the-nose musical selections. The camera zooms out through a gap in the curtains to a black-clad man pointing a parabolic microphone at the house, plus lots of SWAT guys creeping around in the bushes, and then into the back of a surveillance van, where most of the Alphas (and Dr. Rosen, and the returning Agent Sullivan) are all rocking bulletproof vests and looking at a video dossier of the guy unhappily eating his unsatisfactory eggs, a poor man's Donnie Wahlberg named Milos Kosar. Apparently he's been running Red Flag operations for years, although his Alpha abilities are shown as "unknown." Great research, guys. Rosen exposits that Kosar's the guy who sent The Ghost after them in the pilot, and Gary reminds everyone that he was the one who found Kosar by tracking his cell phone. Everyone else in the truck was just as aware of that as we were, thanks. Rachel has just finished listening to the heartbeats in the house to determine that there are three souls inside, and relays that news to Bill (out on the perimeter with Team One) via walkie-talkie. Cameron's also in position with Team Two. Sullivan recommends moving in, but leaves it up to Rosen, since they're his people and it's not like they're actual SWAT guys. Cameron's clearly planning some kind of hyperkinetic Alpha move to get his team in the door, and it obviously involves the twin automatics in his hands. Rosen gives the green light, in typically un-macho fashion, and the teams start moving in, Bill activating his adrenalin-powered super-strength as he approaches. But it looks like the guys inside also have powers of their own, as the galoot at the stove sees his arm hairs stand up and realizes they have visitors. Kosar jumps up from the table, sweeping his food aside as he goes. Outside, Cameron fires his guns past the SWAT guys, plugging the door's hinges in just the right spot to drop the pins out of them. The food's just now hitting the floor as Bill bashes his way through the other door with his bare hands. Milos goes for the tablet still charging on the kitchen counter, but his partner pulls him away to make good their escape. Milos makes a fist, which goes all wavy, and the whole block goes black, including the team's comm systems. So he's a human EMP? Sounds handy. If you'll forgive the pun, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

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