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Mother Necessity, Where Can You Be?
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In Bushwick, Brooklyn, a cadre of black-clad commandos approaches a warehouse building. Their movements are captured by a security camera inside a cluttered workshop, where Summer Glau notices them on the screen and launches into action. After grabbing a couple of things and stuffing them into a red-and-yellow satchel -- all the while being watched by a hovering metal bee that lands in her palm -- she keys a code into a pad on the wall. The intruders burst in, their faces masked, but she's already on the roof of a neighboring building, releasing the zip-line she must have ridden over there. Before hitting the remote detonator attached to the bomb she left beeping on the wall, she hollers at them, "Run, idiots!" They'd have had to run a lot faster, because the place blows up about a second later. Summer makes a runner.

It's a late night at Alphas HQ while Dr. Rosen and Agent Sullivan go over expense reports, which soon veers into discussion of Agent Sullivan's lengthy history of exotic travels that outstrips even Rosen's. Rosen obviously underestimated her. He admits as much, which is probably his first step towards getting her into bed.

Morning at Bill's place and now that he's happily ex-FBI, he's got a whole new problem: his wife is haranguing him about having kids. Bill's clearly not feeling it. And it's not like he needs one more thing in his life to be crabby about.

Rosen's driving his convertible to work while on the Bluetooth to Gary's mom, who's calling in sick for him. Very unconvincingly, I might add. And then once she's off the phone, she tells a very disappointed Gary that Rosen gave him the day off. Hmmmm.

At HQ, Cameron's tinkering with the toaster, giving Nina an opportunity to flirt with him. Rosen busts her at it and privately asks her what's going on. What, he doesn't want to talk to Cameron about it? Rosen's glad to hear it's nothing. But then as soon as Nina's back in the hallway getting flirted with some more, Rosen pops out to say that there's a missing Alpha named Skylar Adams. That would be Summer Glau, I'm thinking.

While they're all looking over the homemade, yet highly advanced gear in the blown-up workshop, Nina explains to Cameron that when they met Skylar she was always inventing things. So that's her Alpha ability. If she were a comic-book hero I guess she'd be Super-Edison or Patent Pending. Rachel spots tracks from assault boots and a little blood on the floor, so the people who came rushing in must have gotten out without getting blown into too many pieces. Like Cameron, Bill also came along after Rosen and Nina did a "catch and release" on Skylar, so Nina also gets to exposit to him, saying Skylar didn't pose a threat. She describes her as "more interested in things than people." Bill reassures Nina that they'll find her. And Rachel seems to have spotted a clue: a part stamped with a tiny logo of a gear underlined by the word "Klauswerks." One of my favorite techno bands.

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