Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure

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Nighttime in Manhattan. A college girl complains about her classes to her blonde bodyguard, but when they get to their car, a tear gas canister rolls toward them on the sidewalk and masked figures run up and tase them both. End of teaser. If the whole episode is like this it's going to be the easiest weecap ever!

After the ads, we catch up with Bill at home early in the morning, wearing an old FBI T-shirt and watching some security camera footage. Since the footage is of Bill himself bouncing some suit off a wall after said suit poked him in the back, I think we now know why he's an ex-FBI agent. His wife comes downstairs so he can make some lame excuse about why he didn't come to bed last night. He's actually saying that things are pretty good with Rosen and the fake DCIS, but she's being all "supportive" about getting him back into the FBI, ignoring his signals entirely. Clearly whatever she does at the Bureau, it isn't investigation.

At work, Bill hotly pursues a backpacked fugitive through Manhattan on foot, while Cameron and the other Alphas are battling through traffic to catch up in the minivan. Finally Cameron gives up and hoofs it, Nina backing him up. Rachel takes over driving while Gary tries to track the quarry using his usual methods of mentally tapping into traffic, ATM, and security cameras, but loses him in a camera-free park. Rachel gets out and runs, reluctantly leaving Gary alone in the van. Meanwhile, Cameron parkours straight across a zigzag pedestrian ramp, cutting off the fugitive right before Nina gets there and Pushes, "Relax." The immediate crisis resolved, Gary finds himself getting braced by a cop who doesn't like the way the van is parked. He also doesn't care for Gary trying to flash his DCIS badge and pull rank on him. Bill has caught up with the others, and he downloads the contents of the fugitive's tablet computer onto a flash drive, and then they let the dude go. We may or may not be learning more about that mission in a later episode, but for now the Alphas (and we) are on a need-to-know basis from their DoD overlords. Rachel shows up just in time to tell them that Gary's alone in the van, so that's a whole new crisis in motion. Especially when they get back to the van and find no sign of Gary, other than a parking ticket on the windshield and the phone he left behind for plot reasons.

Gary's at the police station, explaining that he promised not to get out of the van, and idly surfing through some passing transmission that includes video of a bound and gagged woman crying. "That means that she's sad," Gary explains. Good thing the Alphas are on the case.

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