A Short Time in Paradise

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This time, the Alpha finds them. Cameron, despondent over his ex-wife's plans to move away with their son, goes to an AA meeting that gets crashed by an Alpha. Jonas (Garret Dillahunt) has the ability to bliss people out into a religious trance, and he's not shy about using it. Cameron falls under his spell, as does Nina when Cameron goes and gets her. Soon they're both happily tilling the soil at Jonas's Connecticut mansion, and then tilling each other's soil, if you know what I mean. But of course there's a downside: someone falls into a coma. Nina and Cameron convince Jonas to bring in Dr. Rosen, whose knowledge of Alphas should come in handy. When Rosen shows up, he finds a whole room of catatonic cultists. Apparently that's what happens to all the people who receive Jonas's "gift." Rosen does what he can with doses of L-Dopa, but when the cure also erases the gift, Jonas shuts him down -- but won't let Rosen leave, either. Fortunately, Bill, Rachel, and Gary are able to track them even into this artificial cell phone dead zone. Bill goes in alone and gets blissed, but not before instructing Rachel and Gary to call in the cavalry if he doesn't come back. Which they do, and when Jonas finds out the DoD is on its way in full tactical strength, he decides it's time to burn the whole place down. And he's just about to do it too, with the help of his imprisoned Alphas, but Rosen manages to get his hands on not only the medication but also Jonas's handgun. While his revived Alphas rescue the rest of the followers, it falls to Rosen to take drastic action against Jonas in the form of shooting him in his damn face. This is a bitter pill for a doctor who's never fired a gun before, but Bill basically tells him he did good and should suck it up.

In other news, Rachel's synesthesia allows her to diagnose her father's throat cancer before it gets too bad. Finally her parents have a reason to appreciate her instead of reviling her as a freak. Lucky, lucky Rachel.





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