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Heat Wave

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Heat Wave

Iron Eagle shows up for the meeting a predictable half-hour early, stammering that he didn't know how long it would take to get there. Ally invites him into the office. She keeps sticking some sort of pencil with a giant eraser in her mouth as Iron Eagle says he didn't figure her for a lawyer. He figured that she'd do "something with soul to it." This gets Ally all huffy and says that she didn't go to law school because Daddy made her, but rather because her boyfriend did. Nice one. Iron Eagle deduces that she must not be with her boyfriend anymore. "We work together," Ally adds for no one's benefit. "How did you know?" she asks. "Well, you made love like you're not with anyone. Like, uh, like you hadn't made love in five years, or a hundred." Ally tells him she gets plenty and that he made love the same way. He says that he knows he did, but he already told her why. "Tell me again," she says as "Lady Marmalade" kicks in again. Oh, yeah, Reesa. They talk about her for a second or so before "Lady Marmalade" starts playing again, and Iron Eagle says he can't be in the room alone with her. He asks if she's sending a signal. She says no, sorta. She goes to show him the lobby but slams the door so they can start making out to "Lady Marmalade." There is much kissing and pulling of the clothing as we flash back to the car wash sex several times. Quick flashes of clothing and groping and sitting and leaning as we fade to black.

Dear Johnny Depp. I've waited quite some time now and I'm concerned that you really aren't ever going to fall in love with me. Could you send me a status? Thanks. Love (I mean it), Pamie

Ally replaces a lamp as Iron Eagle asks why they keep having sex. He says that they've made love twice and this is the first time he's said her name. Whipper walks in so Ally can scream and spin around a lot. Whipper asks if Iron Eagle took the stairs because he looks flushed. He says he's a little nervous. Whipper says it's a good look and that her ex-husband used to get that look after sex. Ally screams and coughs and coughs and coughs and explains that she swallowed the wrong thing, a LifeSaver, she went down on the wrong thing, the LifeSaver went down wrong, the windpipe, I'm funny, quirky and cute. Ha. Renee and Reesa show up as Ally says, "Let's get it on! The meeting, the meeting, start the meeting." When Renee asks why Ally is acting like a big freakazoid again she says that reuniting two lovers makes her giddy. Insert crazy girl giggle here.

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