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A few hours before this episode aired, I received my issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail. The first thing I did (after turning to page 85 and reading the glowing review of MBTV) was smirk at the cover. I noted the way Robert Downey, Jr., made a fist instead of actually curving his hand around Calista Flockhart's back. "Here we go," I thought. "I'll read between the lines and get all the dirt on how much these two hate each other!" But there was no dirt between the lines. Calista and Robert had only the gooiest compliments for each other. Greg Germann compared the two of them to Cary Grant and Carole Lombard. I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I'm not normally one for celebrity gossip (I prefer gossip about in-laws and online personalities instead,) but I have to say that I'll be keeping a close eye on the tabloids this week for a scoop more to my liking.

This week's episode starts with an unrealistic slumber party. We have Ally, Renee, Elaine, Georgia, Nelle, and Ling eating popcorn and watching a horror movie. I thought Renee didn't like Nelle. I thought Nelle didn't like Elaine. I thought no one but Renee and Nelle liked Ally. Why are these women pretending to be friends? They might as well have invited Whipper and that redheaded navel fetish girl, as well. Maybe they did, though. Elaine is telling the others that they shouldn't be looking for lovers in the workplace. Ling, inexplicably wearing a black and white feather boa, is prompted to use the term "dumbstick." Then she points out that Ally can only love someone who makes her miserable. Ally denies this and starts to go on and on about her now-defunct relationship with Brian. The other women are mesmerized by the TV screen. When the woman on it gets stabbed, they scream. Ally screams and throws her popcorn bowl into the air. Oh, darn. Now she won't have anything to eat. Ling rewinds the video to watch the stabbing in slow motion. She says that they organized the "stupid slumber party" to cheer up Ally. Ally asks if Ling thinks she's desperate. Ling says they're all desperate: "Five gorgeous women, Halloween night, parties all over town, you're dateless. That's pathetic." Renee turns the question back on Ling. Ling says she has her Richard. Then she giggles as the woman in the movie is stabbed again. It's supposed to be funny. Somebody remind me -- when was the last time this show was actually funny? I don't feel like digging through last season's archives and then recalling that it was actually the Season Two reruns I chuckled at once, so long ago.

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