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Finally, the Finale
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It's a sunny day in San Francisco when Rebecca finds herself lying in the street, hands clutched to a bloody wound in her abdomen while the husk of a flipped car burns behind her. She's in agony, but all I can think is, "That top she's wearing is a very pretty shade of blue." And such a nice change from her Peter Pan outfits.

Let's go back in time 36 hours earlier to when Rebecca meets her former boss at Ray's bar. She's wearing the same shirt. That's a long time to wear a shirt. Anyway, she wants to know about her partner. She thinks his murderer knew him. Her old boss admits that her partner was being investigated by Internal Affairs. He was getting "suspicious payments" from none other than Broadway Mutual.

Meanwhile, that Ghost guy from the last episode is trying to get himself checked into a psychiatric hospital. The lady at the desk ignores him until he holds up his insurance card from Broadway Mutual. His name is Joseph Limerick. That is a great name. "I'm an Alcatraz inmate from 1963," he says. "There are some bad, bad people chasing me and I need a quiet place to lay low." Yeah, like using his insurance card from where he's employed by those people won't get him found out. As he gets settled into his room, his takes some time to study his ill-gotten key.

1960. Joe Limerick sits huddled in his cell, wrapped in a blanket and blowing into his hands for warmth. Tommy Madsen in the next cell whispers to him. "Hey, Joe, is it true you tried to escape?" he asks. "I did," Joe says. "The riptide kept tossing me back." Tommy says he heard that the warden filled out a death certificate for Joe and declared him officially dead. "Guess that makes you a ghost." Now Warden James comes with two guards to take Tommy to the infirmary. They strap him down. Tommy's afraid they're taking more blood from him, but Warden James says they're giving it back to him. A new guy -- silver-haired with birdlike features -- hooks up an IV with a bottle of Tommy's blood. He inserts the needle into Tommy's wrist. "What have you done to it?" Tommy asks. "Lots," the new doctor says. Tommy shakes and strains as the blood transfuses back into his body. He says he can taste metal. Warden James watches with perhaps some discomfort.

Present day. Tommy breaks into a house through the back door. (Seriously, folks, don't have windows near your locks.) It's night and the house is quiet except for a TV on low volume. Tommy finds a man snoozing in the living room and smacks him in the face. He aims a gun at the man. "Where's your wife?" he asks. "Not here," the man says. The man's little girl sees this scary scene and quietly flees from the house. Tommy tells the man to text his wife. Cue the intro. This may be the last time we have to hear it!

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