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It's a dark and stormy night in San Francisco. Ray has asked Hauser over to his bar. Sadly, it is not for drinks and reminiscing how they looked and sounded like totally different people in the 1960s. "I want Rebecca out," Ray says without preamble. "I'm not the one keeping her in," Hauser says. Ray wants a better life for his niece, but Hauser scoffs at the idea of her "chasing after a pension for 20 years." Just 20? Now I know this show's a fantasy. Hauser is suspicious that Ray is just now talking to him about this when Rebecca's been on the task force for months. "You've see him, haven't you?" Hauser asks, his tone taunting. "Tommy Madsen. You've seen him." Instead of waiting for an answer, he saunters back out into the night.

Rebecca's apartment. She's having a dream about the day Tommy killed her partner. When she opens her eyes, she thinks she sees Tommy sitting in her bedroom, watching her. She reaches for her gun, but he's gone. Hopefully creepy grandpa was never actually there and it was all in her head.

Time to get the night's plot underway. Two middle-aged gentlemen speed along a quiet road in their fancy car. The guy who's in the passenger seat lights up a cigar. "You ever hotbox with $100 Cohibas?" he asks. "It's like swimming through a cloud." A really smelly cloud. His friend in the driver's seat says he loves his wife too much to come home smelling like a poker game. A muscle car speeds past them. A few moments later, there's a man standing in the middle of the road. The driver swerves to avoid him, then pulls over and gets out of the car for no real reason. The guy approaches them with a shotgun. "Anything you want, just take it," says the man who just enjoyed his last cigar. "Okay," the stranger says, and promptly shoots him in the chest. He turns to the driver with a smile. "I'll be taking you, Mr. Pierce."

Flashback to 1960. Deputy Tiller arrives to let our shooter out of solitary confinement. "Sonny Burnett," he introduces himself nervously. Tiller only refers to him as his prisoner number. Sonny was in solitary as a new arrival, but now that has come to an end and it's time to join the general population. Sonny looks like he wants to cry. Once in the yard, he wastes no time in asking a fellow inmate named Hicks for "protection." At first Hicks declines, then Sonny mentions money. "My last job was a real estate tycoon," he says. "His family paid a hundred grand to get him back." He promises the money is safely hidden away. Hicks takes the job.

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