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Alcatraz, 1960. Hauser and another guard arrive on the island with a fresh inmate. Warden James and Dr. Lucy Sengupta are at the dock to meet them. Hauser is instantly smitten at the sight of Lucy. At this point in history, he looks several years younger than her. Warden James says, in his usual poetic drawl, "Mr. Petty, you arrive to us with much fanfare." He calls this Mr. Petty a "special case," warranting such a quick meeting. Mr. Petty looks pretty young. Indeed, when he smirks, Warden James makes a comment about the smiles of children, although his, as the Warden says, is "all the company of Hades." Apparently, Petty has left several mines around the mainland, which Warden James promises they will find. When the Warden and the doctor turn away to take Petty to his cell, Hauser stammers out, "Does -- does the lady need a ride back to the mainland?" She declines the invitation, but offers him a peppermint, which affords her the opportunity to touch his hand. He reacts like he just got to second base.

Present day. The cranky, old version of Hauser waits by Lucy's hospital bedside. Unlike him, she hasn't aged in 50 years. She's still in a coma, and a doctor comes in to say there hasn't been any improvement. The doc asks if Lucy ever mentioned a "DNR." "Are you saying she's dying?" Hauser asks. Instead of answering, the doc just touches his shoulder and leaves. Guess she didn't want to hear an answer about that DNR.

At a place called Pine Street Park, a man lets his dog loose to frolic. Man, that is one adorable dog. He looks like he's part dachshund, part floor mop. The man follows after his dog. Suddenly, an explosion goes off under his feet, blowing off one of his legs. Other explosions go off. People scatter, screaming. I hope the dog is okay.

Later, Rebecca and Doc arrive on the scene. Holy hell, what is she wearing? Rust-red pants, olive green shirt and orange jacket. It's like she shops at the "Woodland Nymph" section of JC Penney. With her keen sprite senses, she notices a young man with a backpack. Hauser is already waiting for them. Doc gets a look at the devastation and realizes land mines were used. He goes, "Holy crap! It's Paxton Petty!" Hauser predicts there will be more incidents to come. Back in the day, Petty hid four mines in the area, although only three were ever found. Hauser goes off to do his thing while Doc regales Rebecca with exposition about Petty. He was a Korean War vet who was court-martialed on suspicion of killing Korean schoolchildren. During the investigation, he worked "graveyard detail" at the Presidio. After that, he did his whole land mine thing around the city and then got sent to Alcatraz. Doc hands Rebecca his tablet computer. She recognizes Petty as the young man she saw just moments earlier.

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