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Hide Your Kids
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It's night in Walnut Creek, California. A man walks through a suburban neighborhood, a white flower in one hand. He walks up to a house, unlocks the door with a key. He coughs in kind of a pointed way that I thought was going to figure into the episode, but it doesn't. (I think, anyway.) He takes off his jacket and tosses it aside. He turns off a lamp in the living room, then goes into a bedroom where two boys are sleeping. He smiles affectionately at them, then pulls the blanket up on the younger boy. He sits near the older boy's bed, takes a comic book from his hand and gently touches the boy's face. The touch goes bad as the man clamps his hand over the boy's mouth. The boy is instantly awake, trying to scream. "Scream and I'll kill your brother," the man whispers, a tear rolling down his cheek.

Alcatraz, 1960. The man, who looks like Ethan Hawke and Liam Neeson somehow had a baby together, is about to get jumped in the rec yard. Other inmates crowd around him, calling him a child killer. The guards pretend not to see as the other inmates give him a brutal beating. Deputy Tiller watches from the top of the stairs for a while. "Just get him inside before they kill him," he says to a guard. But, you know, no rush or anything.

Doc's Comics, present day. Diego "Doc" Soto sits at a drafting table in the back of his shop, drawing out his adventures in the previous episode. In comics form, he looks like Penn Jillette and he has not edited out the man-boobs. His nerdy little shop worker comes into the room, going on about how Doc has the best life ever. In the background, Doc has a police scanner program on his laptop. He hears a report about an 11-year-old boy going missing. The mother found a flower on his bed in the morning. Doc springs into action, grabs a folder from his file cabinet and hightails it out of there.

Hospital. Lucy's still in a coma. Rebecca offers some encouraging words to Hauser, but he doesn't seem very encouraged. Doc calls them into the hallway to tell them about the missing boy and the chrysanthemum on his bed and how an Alcatraz inmate did the same thing in 1958. "Since some of those guys are, y'know, back, I think -- I mean -- I know it's him," Doc says. "Kit Nelson, AZ246, who stole the kid from his bed." Hauser frowns at him and asks, "Where'd you hear about this?" Focusing on the wrong thing, dude. "I heard it on my police scanner," Doc admits. "You have a police scanner?" Rebecca asks, displaying more surprise than she has about anything else up to this point. "Not the point!" Doc reminds them. Thank you. Apparently, nobody else has done their research on the inmates, because Doc has to tell them that Nelson steals the kids on a Friday then brings their bodies back home on Sunday night. "If we don't find this kid in 48 hours, he's gonna be dead." Cue Hauser's terrible voice-over. Alcatraz!

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