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The Future is Now
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The episode opens with Hauser visiting Lucy at the secret prison in the woods. She's still in a coma, despite Dr. Beauregard's best efforts. He says he's tried electroshock, acupuncture and traumatic memory therapy. That last one probably failed because she can't talk about her memories while she's unconscious. She is, however, dreaming, as Hauser notices from her active EEG. "Whatever she's dreaming about is obviously better than her options here in our so-called reality," Dr. Beauregard says. Maybe she thinks she's a cop in the 1970s. Dr. Beauregard hands Hauser a copy of The Carpetbaggers by Harold Robbins and instructs him to read to Lucy. Interestingly, Beauregard still calls her Sengupta, rather than Banerjee. "I believe the sound of your voice might draw her to the surface," Beauregard says, "where my science might reach her." Hauser looks uncomfortable. "She needs a reason, sir," Beauregard says. "Love is a good one." Hauser leaves the book on Lucy's bed and walks away, telling Beauregard to call him if he comes up with a "tangible treatment." I suggest removing Hauser's head from his ass. It wouldn't help Lucy any, but it's still worth doing.

Night in the city. At a loud, crowded bar, a young Asian man gets the bartender's attention by repeatedly snapping his fingers. "Our friend just got engaged," the man says. "It's our job to get him laid and your job to get him drunk!" The bartender looks bored. He says, "We can brave human laws but we cannot resist natural ones." He says it's a quote from Jules Verne, which impresses his customer not one bit. The bartender says he'll make "something special," which on most nights might mean a Saliva Martini. But tonight? Tonight is kind of special. The bartender takes a little pouch of yellow berries from his pocket and begins chopping them up.

Flashback, 1960. Our bartender sits in the rec yard, studying a glass jar full of bugs. Seems like glass would be one of those contraband items, but whatever. "Hey, McKee," another inmate says. "Cullen wants you." McKee isn't interested, but he doesn't really have a choice. With a slight limp, McKee heads up the steps to stand before an older inmate. It's Cullen, and he says he has a "favor" to ask. He wants a quiet little librarian named Grindle killed. "He's been selling pig-stickers outta the libarry," Cullen says. Grindle's been horning in on Cullen's shiv business so Cullen wants McKee to poison him. "And if I refuse?" McKee asks. "You won't wanna say no to me," Cullen says. McKee calls him a bully. Cullen's going to cry himself to sleep over that one later.

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