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Keep Your Guard Up
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Alcatraz, present day. A youngish man stands in one of the old, abandoned staff apartments. It looks like a moldy old dump now, but they could totally spiff up those units and turn them into a bed and breakfast. Total cash cow. The man looks sadder than Eeyore at a Sylvia Plath reading. He pulls away a piece of the baseboard and takes out a stash of pictures hidden behind it. They're all pictures of him with his wife and daughter. A park ranger walks in behind him and goes, "You don't belong here!" You don't know the half of it, buddy. The man attacks the ranger, punching him brutally until he slumps against the wall, bloody and unconscious. He returns to his secret stash, takes the pictures and a modern gun that was also hidden behind the wall. He replaces the baseboard, leaving a bloody fingerprint on the plaster. On his way out, he stops by the door and touches the place where his daughter's height was marked.

This brings us to a flashback. It's a rainy morning in the same apartment. He and his wife flirt in their bedroom as he's getting dressed for the day. "Why don't you call in sick?" she asks with romantic intent. "No, ma'am, today's a training day," he says. His cute little moppet daughter runs in long enough to show she's a cute little moppet, then runs back out again. The wife gushes about how happy they all are. In the pouring rain, he goes out to meet the new guard trainees. "I'm Guy Hastings, your training officer," he says, yelling to be heard over the rumble of thunder. He goes on to tell them that Alcatraz is the most dangerous prison in the world. The trainees look grim. "My job is to make sure you survive," Guy goes on. "Look to me. Trust me. Because on Alcatraz, no man can do it alone." The trainees introduce themselves. Among them is a baby-faced Ray Archer.

Present day. Rebecca and not-so-baby-faced Ray Archer sit down for a chat at the dim sum restaurant. He gives her a picture of him and Tommy Madsen as young boys. She realizes this means they knew each other long before Alcatraz. "Did he really kill my grandmother?" she asks. "I didn't think so... and then I did," Ray says. He doesn't know why Tommy did it. He thought of as Tommy his best friend. Just as a second round of pork buns arrives, Rebecca gets a call and excuses herself.

Alca-Hub. Hauser tells Rebecca and Doc about the ranger who was attacked. He shows them some security footage of the ranger going into the building and Guy Hastings coming out. Does this mean Guy materialized in there? Because, again, that's the kind of thing these people need to be questioning. Anyway, Doc recognizes him and explains he was a guard. Rebecca wonders why he attacked the ranger. "The guards were good men," Hauser says. "If he attacked a ranger, someone must have put him up to it." Doc and Rebecca are genuinely puzzled, like, "Someone? Who?" Have they not been watching their own show? It's the mysterious mystery people who took the 63s! They wonder what he could be there for. In the next shot, Guy is watching Ray walking down the street. He makes a serious face. Cue the opening credits.

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