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Do the Wrong Thing
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The episode opens in a classy country club bar as a handsome young African American man buys a beer. He wanders around a bit, then notices a pretty young lady. She has fair skin and dark hair. She notices him right back. They exchange smiles and then walk out onto the patio together. They flirt (even as he politely calls her "ma'am") and then the next thing you know, they've hopped into a golf cart. They veer around the course, laughing it up, then stop someplace nice and deserted. "I got us a house," he says to her. It has a garden and a window in the kitchen, he says. Instead of responding, "That sounds like something an insane person would say five minutes into knowing someone," she tells him he's cute. As they move towards each other for a kiss, images flash across the screen. They are black-and-white crime scene photos of a dead woman with her throat slit, interspersed with bright red splashes of blood. Suddenly, our would-be Romeo is carrying his new lady friend across the golf course. He lays her down near the 13th hole and carefully arranges her arms and legs. Her dress is bloody, as is his shirt. "Oh my God," he whispers, in tears. "Who did this to you?"

Flashback to Alcatraz. A guard moves the inmates towards the mess hall. The white prisoners are allowed to go first, while the black inmates wait against the wall. Several of the white inmates smirk as they walk by. "Colored boys, you're next," the guard says. He singles out Romeo and sends him to the kitchen where Warden James is waiting for him. "Clarence," the Warden greets him. He's been cooking up something at the stove and gives Clarence a spoonful to try. Clarence looks wary as he takes a sip. "Good and tasty, sir," he says when prompted for feedback. The Warden says he values candor and makes Clarence take another taste. "A lick more butter would keep the flour from seizing," Clarence says, "and a softer touch with the whisk." Warden James is impressed. Clarence is confused. The Warden says he wants Clarence to prepare the next meal and supervise the kitchen. For everyone. "Last time I cooked for white folks, it ended me up in here," Clarence says. The Warden begs to differ: "I'd say the last time you took your chef's knife to a pretty white girl's throat, it ended you up in here." Warden James tells him to look at as a chance for redemption, but Clarence isn't convinced.

Present. Doc scans news reports at the Hub, checking for possible '63s. He reads everything out loud so that we don't have to pause and read the screen ourselves. He gets a notification about golf course murder. It resembles the 1958 murder of a woman named Ellen Casey. "Is that you, Clarence?" he asks.

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