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Smooth Criminal

Bank. Hauser tells Rebecca to get into the bank and help Sweeney escape. He buys her some time by arguing with the police about who has jurisdiction. Rebecca and Doc exposit for a while and come up with a plan to get her inside through a vent. She takes off her holster, explaining to a confused Doc, "If I go in carrying, he'll kill me." Come on, bring your gun. Meanwhile, Sweeney's inside, about to shoot Melissa for not knowing how to get him out of the bank. Rebecca knocks out a grate. Sweeney goes to investigate and finds Rebecca in a stairwell just off the main lobby. "Who are you?" he asks. "I'm Rebecca Madsen. I'm a detective with the SFPD. I'm unarmed." So he shoots her in the head and she dies. Or maybe he just asks, "You here to negotiate?" She says she's there to break him out. She shows him a duffel bag full of goodies to that end. He's suspicious, but it's not like he has a lot of options.

Hauser's outside, still arguing with the cops when they hear shots coming from inside. That ends the argument. SWAT moves in and tosses a smoke bomb through a window. The glass shatters with ridiculous ease. As smoke fills the air, they begin to usher the hostages outside. Among them is Rebecca. Once outside, she makes her way to an unattended police car. One of the SWAT guys breaks from the crowd to go with her. Hauser watches as they drive off together and realizes what's going on. He wants to chase after them in his SUV, but it's blocked in by an ambulance. Doc pulls up in Rebecca's car. "Get in, Mr. Hauser, sir!" Hauser gapes for a few seconds at this perfectly normal thing before finally getting inside.

In the pilfered police car, Sweeney pulls a gun on Rebecca. "I just broke you out of there," she reminds him. "Yeah, well, now you're my hostage," he says. Is there no honor among thieves? In Rebecca's car, Hauser is complaining about Doc's driving. Hauser needs a punch in the face and parts further south, as well. Sweeney realizes they're being followed and orders Rebecca to lose them. She turns on the lights and sirens and speeds away.

Flashback. It's the day after the party and Sweeney's waiting for the guards to take him to the hole. He grunts with pain as he tries to tie his shoes. For some reason, he has a bandage on outside his pants. In the cell next to his, Harlan hears his struggle. At first he sounds all concerned and friendly, and then the facade starts to drop away. He talks about Sweeney's missing tin box and says it's the only thing from Sweeney's childhood that survived the fire that burned down his house and killed his family. Harlan takes the box from where he's been hiding it all along and slides it towards Sweeney's cell. Sweeney picks it up, as ecstatic as he is confused. Harlan: "Now, don't get me wrong. There's plenty from my childhood I'd like to forget, but I can't imagine not having anything! Not a single picture of a family outing or Christmas morning..." He goes on in that manner for a while, increasingly exposing his sadistic side. Then he chides Sweeney for showing his belly. Harlan plans to take over the operation while Sweeney's in the hole for the next 30 days. Sweeney looks like he's going to burst into tears. Instead, he carefully places the box on the floor, stands up, and crushes it beneath his heel. Goodbye, emotions!

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