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Smooth Criminal

While they're running off to the crime scene, I'd like to take a moment to wonder where these criminals are popping up. Except for Jack in the premier episode, we haven't seen any of these guys waking up. Do they all pop up in their old cells like Jack? If so, why wouldn't The A-Team figure that out? Or, hell, why wouldn't they at least wonder about it and prepare for the possibility? Yes, we're only four episodes in, but the show needs some grounding. They need to take a minute here and there and establish a few basics so it doesn't feel so... disembodied and artificial. The show would feel a lot more mysterious if the characters acknowledged the mysteriousness.

Also, everyone keeps calling them "safety" deposit boxes and it's kind of bothering my inner pedant and I'm just going to have to get over it because it's not going to stop. As Rebecca and Doc walk into the bank, Doc says Sweeney "wouldn't hurt a fly" back in the day, as long as things went smoothly. They info-dump about why Sweeney chose boxes over vaults. Bottom line is that stealing from the vaults would have been a federal crime while stealing from the boxes was just "destruction of property." Hauser is waiting for them inside to explain about the cattle gun and the surveillance cameras. (Apropos of nothing, Rebecca totally looks like Peter Pan with her short blond hair, greenish jacket, skinny brown pants and ankle boots.) Figuring Sweeney must have had help, Rebecca goes to talk with Amanda. She weepily tells them about they met in the grocery store and how they always went to her place because his house was being worked on. Also, because it didn't exist. Doc says it looks like Sweeney hit another bank two days earlier. Rebecca thinks they should ask around pawn shops to see if Sweeney has tried to sell the stolen goods. But first they need to get a list of the items from their owners.

Currently, Sweeney is one of those owners' houses. He cons his way inside by telling the man he's with the bank and needs a list of the stolen items for some insurance claims. They have a sit-down and the man mentions a sapphire necklace that belonged to his wife. Sweeney asks increasingly odd and personal questions, ending with, "Where did you meet your wife?" The guy's lizard brain tingles and tells him something isn't quite right. "Why do you need to know that for the insurance forums?" he asks. "I don't," Sweeney admits. "I need to know for me." He takes the necklace from his pocket and sets it on the table between them. When the guy reaches for it, Sweeney uses the cow gun to nail his hand to the table. It's gross and kind of cool. Sweeney leans in close and says, "What I want is the story that makes this necklace so important to you. That story begins with how you met your wife."

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