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Smooth Criminal
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The episode starts in present-day San Francisco. A good-looking guy in his thirties walks into a bank carrying a briefcase. It's Eric Johnson, whom you may recall as Whitney Fordman from Smallville. He walks up to the counter and greets a teller named Amanda as if for the first time. "I'd like to pay a visit to my safety [sic] deposit box, please." He flashes her a charming smile. As soon as they're alone in the safe deposit area, they drop the pretense and start making out like randy teenagers. Amanda assures him she's turned off the security cameras so her boss won't see them. He pushes her up against a wall, seemingly for some fun naughtiness, but then he whips out a syringe and injects her with some kind of sedative. He disables the locks on several boxes, using some kind of gun without a handle that will later be explained as a cattle-killing implement. He steals mostly papers and passports, then comes across a pretty necklace. "Aw, hello, there," he says with a vaguely Southern accent. "What's your story?" Before the thief can make a clean getaway, another bank employee walks in and sees Amanda lying unconscious on the floor. The guy begs for his life. The thief shoots him in the head with the cow gun.

Flashback to the Alcatraz laundry room, 1960. The thief folds clothes along with a younger inmate who looks at him like he hung the moon. "Now, pay attention, kid, I'm only going through this once," the thief says. "Oh, I'm at full attention, Mr. Sweeney," the kid says. He looks like a chipmunk with a Crispin Glover haircut. I don't think anyone says his name in the episode, but a web search says his name is Harlan. Sweeney explains to young Harlan about how to sneak contraband into inmates' laundry pickups. One such inmate shows up for his laundry (and his contraband) but has no money. Sweeney lets him slide, promising to collect three times the money from him next week. Sweeney explains to Harlan that to do otherwise would make the prisoners see him as week. "So you have to be tough," Harlan says. "No emotion, kid," Sweeney says. "You can't care about anyone or anything." He says if the kid wants to be his protégé, he'll have to learn that. A guard comes to let Sweeney know, all hush-hush like, that Tiller is going through his cell. When Sweeney returns to his cell, he frantically searches for something without finding it. "I need to talk to Mr. Tiller," he says to the guard.

Dim Sum restaurant, present day. Rebecca and Doc have breakfast together. While Rebecca enthusiastically chows through her pork buns, Doc eyes his food with wariness. Their morning chat reveals that Doc got his degrees to make his parents happy and then purposely got himself blacklisted from academia by trying to publish a criminology paper based on Gotham City. Rebecca thinks that's pretty adorable. Her phone rings. She answers, listens and then tells Doc they have to go. "Someone hit the safety [sic] deposit boxes at Colonial Liberty." When Rebecca says only the boxes were hit and not the vault, Doc immediately thinks of Cal Sweeney.

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