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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

Back in the hold (and we now see there's a guard in there with them up on the landing), Simmons doesn't like the idea that's just been advanced, but Ward is basically like, we might as well try it since we're all dead if we get to where Camilla wants to take us. Fitz/Simmons and Skye then babble at each other, but shut up when they hear a crunching noise from May's direction and when Fitz asks what that was, Ward grimly replies, "Her wrist." I'm sure that was painful, but if wrist dislocation can shut people up this effectively, it might be a skill worth learning. When the guard next looks down, something is obviously off, but before he can even start counting to five May attacks him from behind and flips him over the railing to the deck below. She jumps down herself and punctuates the badassery by twisting her wrist back into place before asking what's next. Well, it looks like what's next is the non-Ward people gaping and wondering if they're fit to be on the same team as you, if the ensuing shot is any indication.

Camilla is chattering away about Coulson's idealism and pathetic team and BORING (although I'll give her a nod for the mention of his "airborne man-cave"); her point is that he's having a midlife crisis ("afterlife thing," he amusingly amends it to) and he built his little team to feel relevant again. He's like, that may be, but you just gave them a common enemy, and right now I can feel they've cast off their shackles and are coming together as a team and appreciating each other's unique strengths for the first time! I mean, he doesn't quite get that far, but as overwritten as this subplot is, he might as well have.

Back in the hold, Skye, Ward and Fitz/Simmons psych themselves up about not freezing and no going back and life and death before May, who's got the door of her SUV open, tells them they talk a lot and while I'd prefer fewer words from everyone else, May playing Voice of the Recapper has something going for it. As the other team members take cover, May gets in and drives the thing straight into the lab, and while the Peruvians of course hear them, Camilla tells them not to go running in as that's what the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents obviously want. However, they have other cards up their sleeves, as Fitz is able to use his iPad Generation 512 to unlock the door so May can get out of there; he then deploys a drone, which heads up out of the room via a vent whose cover Simmons just removed. For their parts, Skye and Ward get hold of some ropes and chains that they use to harness everyone, and while the shot is too tight really to see what they're doing, the idea that they're literally bonding to each other seems about the right level of subtlety for this episode.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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