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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

Upstairs, in what looks like a mini-museum, Coulson is showing Camilla one of the first walkie-talkie wristwatches, saying it still works and sighing that there was an elegance to things back then. Camilla's like, that's nice, and how about I close this door so I can flirtily reminisce about when we were stationed together and worked in an RV? Coulson replies that first off, we didn't get much work done, and secondly, you were awfully hard to get back then, so what's with you acting like we're already in the back seat of Lola? Camilla doesn't have an answer to that -- and downstairs, alarm bells are going off for Ward, too, as he suddenly realizes the drink one of the Peruvians poured is untouched. He asks Skye for the bottle, while outside the lab, someone enters the foreground unbeknownst to Fitz and Simmons. Camilla's not quite ready to give up the ghost as she suggests they make some more memories, but Coulson's like, whatever you're planning is contingent on you taking out May, so I'm hoping Ward will get to her first. Speaking of, Ward gets into it with one of the guys, but we see another using a small electronic drill to bore a hole in the cockpit door, and the gas that flows in very quickly incapacitates May. Coulson and Camilla engage in some hand-to-hand before Coulson gets away and runs down the stairs, but all resistance ceases when they see on the monitor that one of the other PMP guys is holding a knife to Fitz's neck. Coulson turns to Camilla and bitterly points out that they were allies and had a history. "When did you decide to throw that away?" Camilla: "As soon as I saw your team." To appropriate a quote from 30 Rock, that's a pretty good burn, Camilla.

One of Camilla's men has taken over in the cockpit while another is working on rearranging Coulson's facial features, but Coulson realizes -- for the benefit of exposition as much as anything else -- that Camilla's keeping him alive because they'll need him to verify the route when their HQ calls in. I… guess? Maybe they think a short pasty white guy isn't enough of a threat to waste a bullet on? Coulson goes on that maybe he shouldn't give the all-clear so S.H.I.E.L.D. will shoot them out of the sky, but Camilla's like, pish posh -- you turned over your seven-figure plane just to save that one kid who never shuts up, and a word from me now will result in your whole team getting dumped out of the cargo hold. "And you're such a sentimentalist." I mean, not wanting to see him team turned into a short stack seems more normal than sentimental, but her point that he's probably going to give the thumbs-up like a good little boy is taken.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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