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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

Later, in her bunk, Skye is looking vansick as she wistfully holds her hula girl car ornament, but the Peruvian guys are having a better time as they lounge about in the common area. In the lab, Fitz and Simmons are now bickering at each other as they manipulate 3D holographic projections in front of them, which look pretty cool, I'll scientifically say. Soon, though, they opt to do some work as they discover that the Tesseract device is capable of emitting an extremely powerful laser, which is how it came to bury itself in solid rock in the first place. They do not look thrilled at the potential danger this puts them in, not that they were in such a good mood going in.

Ward is sitting with a book (Matterhorn, recommended by his Supervising Officer) when Skye comes up with a bottle of something and offers him a drink in an attempt to get off the wrong foot on which they started, and Ward manages to lose the frown and wordlessly accept. She takes the opportunity the d├ętente affords her to clarify her position from before about which he got so bent out -- she doesn't think violence is anything to celebrate; it's just that Peruvians are organizing well for the first time in decades and are using social media to do it, and people banding together to solve a common problem is what the Rising Tide is all about. Ward at least seems willing to listen, although I wonder if he'd resist if he knew how much this is setting up a "One To Grow On" second half. He allows that they see the world differently, with his tone suggesting that he's not implying his way is the only right way, and Skye continues the bonding session by saying this was her first actual war zone and wondering if Ward has seen a lot of them -- whereupon she notices some blood on the side of Ward's white T-shirt and disbelievingly asks if he got shot. He's like, it's just a flesh wound, and that may be but I'm pretty impressed that he was still able to argue with Fitz at top volume after that. It certainly gives him more of an excuse for the grouchy mood, though. Skye asks if that happened defending them, and he modestly tells her not to worry about it but goes on that his training taught him to eliminate variables whenever possible, and today -- he looks around at the Peruvians -- "they keep adding up." Skye then notices that the craft is turning, and Ward explains that in restricted space, they have to keep to certain flight paths. He then uses some jargon that Skye's a fan of, but while the lingo may be cool, Ward notes that they just can't seem to understand each other. Don't you start.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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