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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

Inside, Fitz announces that the 0-8-4 has a functioning power source -- and I'm no scientist, but I might have guessed that from the artificial light emanating from it -- but he's baffled by the way he gets some temporal matches, which then seem to shift, although Skye seems to understand something about that. Ward then comes in to tell them about the arrival of the police, and when he mentions that there are a lot of rebels in the area, Skye pipes up that people are fighting back against the government's mining policies. When she goes on to pronounce that awesome, Ward jumps down her throat about her armchair (van-chair?) activism before asking Skye what her job there even is, and Skye doesn't have a ready answer… but maybe that's Coulson's fault?

Outside, Coulson and Camilla reminisce a bit about old times before she guesses, sounding resigned, there's no way she'll get to keep the device. Coulson says it isn't his to give, but he's sure they can resolve things respectfully -- whereupon a structure behind them blows up, probably from a grenade and early indications are that this show is a big fan of the sudden explosion, no? Camilla tells Coulson it's the rebels as she and her men move to engage, while inside, Ward tells the team to get ready to move. After Fitz gets kind of amusingly OCD about packing up his equipment, Ward grabs the artifact out of the wall (it… would just slide out like that after all this time?) despite Fitz's objections that the thing could be unstable, and I'm assuming the thing lay dormant until recently as otherwise I can't imagine why they're only now detecting it, but I don't believe they ever address what activated it, which seems like a question they should be asking.

Outside, Coulson is shooting along with the rest of them, but he takes a moment to tell Camilla she needs to instruct her men to fall back if they want to make it back to the runway. They cover each other as they move before they observe Ward and the three S.H.I.E.L.D. noncoms pinned down as they try to escape the temple -- and it's worth noting the WTF look on Camilla's face when she sees the helpless team -- but Ward, in a crouch, then pulls a cylinder out of his jacket that telescopes out into a long rod. Seeing it, Coulson urgently tells Camilla to instruct her men to get down. Once she's obliged, Ward somersaults off the stairs and plunges the rod into the ground, whereupon the top of it floats into the air, and he takes cover right before the thing lets loose a sonic explosion that knocks the rebels off their feet. Ward signals for the three inside the temple to come out, but then a rebel targets them and shoots -- only May's timely arrival in an SUV shields them, and they quickly load in.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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