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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

Coulson greets the archeologist who discovered the artifact, and he leads Coulson inside, where, half-buried in the wall, we see a metallic object that's emitting a blue light in spots. After determining that only the guy's ministry knows about the discovery, Coulson tells him his team is going to have to evacuate until they evaluate the object, which is already happening as a drone flies right under the guy's chin, somewhat to his chagrin. It's okay! These are nice drones! After he's gone, Skye somewhat gleefully says there's nothing on the Internet about this artifact at all, and then Simmons pipes up that the object's placement in the rock suggests it's been there for at least 1500 years, which predates the temple by a millennium and as such could indicate that it's alien. Fitz, however, pipes up that the shape and craftsmanship are "almost German," and is he implying that Germans aren't of this Earth? As someone who's half-German, I have to admit it would explain a thing or two.

Outside the temple, Ward reports no evidence of unknown tire tracks in the area before asking May where her sidearm is. May: "If I ever need a gun, I'll take one." I'd point out that realizing you should have had a gun is often a fatal revelation were May not such a badass, and when Ward says he forgot he was working with "the Cavalry," May grits for him never to call her that. Ward apologizes but says he's heard the stories of what went down in Bahrain before adding that Coulson was smart to pull her out of retirement. Backing up, he goes on that it's nice to have a trusted friend who'll have your back -- before reaching into the foliage behind him and grabbing and throwing a guy in commando gear. May quickly overwhelms the two guys who come at her, grabbing their guns and pointing them at their previous owners for good measure, and if she can disarm anyone who comes at her with a piece that certainly backs up her contention that she doesn't need to carry one herself. As more of the enemy appear and a truck drives up, Ward desperately holds his guy in a chokehold to use him as a shield while May stands impassively, her twin guns now targeting the line in front of her. Ward breathes that they should have taken more guns, although nastier drones -- perhaps named after serial killers instead of dwarves -- would work well, too.

Outside, the Peruvian standoff continues as a woman in uniform and sunglasses gets out of a Jeep; inside, Coulson hears that there's a situation, but when Skye points out that there are a lot of rebels in the area, he muses that there isn't any gunfire. He heads outside and informs the opposing side in Spanish that he's there on a matter of international security -- but when the woman sees him, she's like, Phillip? He recognizes her as "Camilla," which ends the standoff as she comes forward for a smiling double cheek-kiss, so I guess it just became a matter of sexy national security, then. After establishing that her rank is now "Comandante," Coulson introduces her to May and Ward as a member of Peru's military police, and when he adds that they "used to work together back in the day," May and Ward (his first name is "Grant," by the way; not sure I've mentioned that) exchange a little knowing va-va-voom side-eye that speaks well of both of them. After a bit of discussion of the 0-8-4 (Coulson does mention that its classification as such supersedes all national claims, which will be important), Camilla tells Coulson he looks good. Coulson: "Yeah, I work out." Heh, but speaking of which, there's got to be a gym on that plane, right? Ward's chest isn't going to work itself out!

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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