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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

Later, at the Slingshot (the location is classified, but guess what, it's in the middle of nowhere), Coulson is examining Lola for damage, which is cute, but could they really have made it all the way here with nothing but a life raft that looks like it was on sale at Target keeping the cabin pressurized? Skye then finds him and asks what she's signing up for, and he repeats his line from last time about it being the craziest show on Earth, which again, we heard it once, so stop trying to make it A Thing. After explaining why they use the Slingshot (it's not complicated; the 0-8-4 is a weapon they can't afford to let fall into the wrong hands), Skye noses about for information about Coulson's history with Camilla that isn't forthcoming, while elsewhere, Ward tells May he's changed his tune on Skye -- she could be a solid asset with the right training. May points out that she'll need a good, disciplined Supervising Officer and when he catches her pointed look, he doesn't hesitate to say he'll take her on. It's a nice character beat (and understandable, given that she saved his life) but shouldn't he at least have to fill out a form first?

Fitz and Simmons get everyone to come out on the plane's ramp to watch the Slingshot in action, not that they need much convincing given that they're carrying a cooler full of beer (and are also half in the bag, as Skye amusedly notes), and Fitz babbles about how it'll take 180 days for the thing to reach the sun. Coulson -- sounding sterner than he's probably feeling -- asks whose idea it was to blow a hole in the plane, and Skye, thinking a lecture is coming, starts to take responsibility. But Simmons, backed up by Ward and Fitz, pipes up that it was all of them and this little moment would have sufficed for me instead of being beaten about the head by teamwork. The rocket then launches, and Ward reminds Fitz/Simmons to speak in layman's terms before paying Fitz back for all his back-slaps; Skye then gets an encrypted text saying that the Rising Tide are in a holding pattern and are planning to go dark before asking for her status. She pauses for a moment and looks uncomfortably at her new family before replying, "I'm in." DUN! Or maybe dun.

Oh, and at Minute 59, we get the entirely unexpected and delightful appearance of Samuel L. Jackson on our screen, as Nick Fury dresses Coulson down for taking only six days to ruin the plane. "Do you know how much this thing cost? It's got a bar! A really nice one." Hee. He informs Coulson that he could downgrade his ass to a Winnebago, and while Skye would probably love that, Coulson at least sounds fearful as he tells Fury he's aware. Fury says he wants it fixed just like Coulson found it, "so don't have Fitz/Simmons go make any modifications likeā€¦ a damn fish tank!" I'll admit I would have singled that out, too. Fury then leans in closer and bugs his one good eye out even more as he tells Coulson that Skye is a risk, and Coulson, sounding like he means it, says he knows. I wonder if he's divined her duplicity -- he seems like the type who would keep her and hope she comes around to doing the right thing (from his point of view). Fury does take a moment to ask about Lola, but then stomps off on a wave of awesome indignation, prompting Coulson meekly to utter into his comm: "We're gonna to have to kill the fish tank." We may not get any more of Fury for a while, but a little of him goes a long way and the rest of this episode was a solid B-minus but I had to bump it up for this appearance. Next week: Skye goes on her first mission as a field agent. With all the training she's had, what could possibly go wrong?

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.




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