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Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Something You'll Never Hear The End Of

The confirmation call finally comes in from HQ, at which point Camilla cocks her gun and tells Coulson to answer or his team dies. Again unbeknownst to her, Coulson has now freed his hands as the HQ woman goes on that they're cleared for passage directly to the Slingshot -- but when he sees the drone ("Sneezy," if you're keeping track) hovering nearby, he quickly divines the plan and wraps the rope back around the pole before giving the line that opened the episode. In the hold, Fitz uses his control, and the drone emits a light that sets off the weapon, blowing the hole in the side of the plane we saw earlier. Fairly lucky that the thing wasn't pointed toward, say, the lab, but as they said their alternative was certain death. The poor drone gets sucked out into the airstream along with that one soldier we saw in the cold open while Coulson holds onto the rope for dear life. I hope you weren't kidding about working out, Coulson, because your hand is going to fatigue right quick.

When we return, the red light on the doors turns to green as the drop in cabin pressure released them, which was the plan all along. (I'm not sure what was up with May getting out, though.) Ward resolves to deal with the soldiers while the rest of them handle the weapon; some Ward-fu then clears a path for the kids, while in the cockpit May deals similarly with the current pilot. Camilla somehow hasn't been able to secure herself, so Coulson ends up grabbing her hand before she flies off to join her underling and Sneezy, may they rest in peace. We then see that Skye and Fitz/Simmons are lashed together so they can retrieve the 0-8-4 without being sucked out, and Simmons manages to reach the thing and pull it out of the wall. Another copy of the plane's brochure, the one Ward gave to Skye earlier to review, blows into her face, which gives her an idea and she disengages from the others despite Simmons' protests. Coulson manages to reel Camilla in and she offers little resistance as Coulson binds her wrists, while in the cockpit, May finally finishes with her guy and takes control of the plane, which was in a nosedive, and was S.H.I.E.L.D. just going to let them crash? Not sure if they have protocol for this exact situation, but you'd think HQ would at least have popped up on the comm for a friendly check-in.

Ward continues to fight while Skye reaches her target object -- a life raft, which she struggles to get out of its box. Meanwhile, one of the soldiers grabs hold of the tether and starts hand-over-handing his way toward Fitz/Simmons, so they cut him loose, which unfortunately sends him barreling into Ward with the result that they end up arm-locked close to the gaping hole. Thanks to an untimely tear in his sleeve, the Peruvian guy makes an unscheduled exit, and Ward can't hold on and goes to join him -- only Skye has managed to get the raft inflated, and it flies forward and covers the hole just before Ward reaches it. Not too sure about the physics here, but I do like Ward's current shape quite a bit so I'm not going to argue too much with him not being turned into a pancake. Coulson then decks one of the soldiers before he can crawl to his gun, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief as May safely gets the plane under control. Skye helps pull Ward to his feet as she sheepishly admits she read the safety pamphlet and Ward snarks, "You might be the first." Heh. The team reconvenes as Coulson sighs that he was just getting used to the plane, and then Fitz reports that the 0-8-4 is stable, but they should still get it to the Slingshot ASAP. Coulson then turns to Camilla and smiles that he told her his team was good, and I could really do without the show putting self-congratulatory words in his mouth, thanks. I like Coulson, but I want to like him more and the writing is what's holding me back so get it together, please.

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