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Previously on 666 Park Avenue: Jane and Henry became the resident managers of the Drake, which is owned by the sinister Gavin and Olivia Doran. Jane discovered a mysterious door in the basement that had been plastered over, and after having the wall ripped out, walked through the big scary hole. Building resident Brian Leonard made out with the blonde neighbor lady he'd been spying on, and this while his wife was hospitalized because the Drake's elevator tried to kill her.

This week: Jane appears to be trapped in the room behind that wall she had torn out. It's dark and full of rubbish, like old dishes and creepy baby dolls. And scary whispering people. She bangs on the door and yells for help, but of course she's in the basement and no one can hear her. And her phone battery is dying. She uses the last of the light to see... something moving in a corner. She asks, "Is somebody in here?" and the something whispers back at her, then something seems to touch her and Jane starts screaming. As you do.

Just then, Henry opens the door. He has a flashlight and they explore the room to find what grabbed Jane, but of course there's no one in there. Henry asks if maybe one of the dolls groped her. Jane insists she heard a voice, and he points out an air vent through which they can hear people upstairs (the people who couldn't hear her screaming a minute ago?). Ah, Henry. Bless your heart -- you're so good at mansplaining how Jane is a hysterical lunatic. They head upstairs and Jane asks Henry if she thinks he's crazy. As they walk into the laundry room, something runs through the dark room behind them. It's a little girl, clutching a doll.

Laundry room. Some lady we haven't met asks Brian if he has any idea how sick she is of dead people. He looks up from his laptop as she complains about the monotony of writing obituaries. I don't know, some of them are legit awesome. He asks her what she wants to write and she says she went to school to be a real journalist. Well, sounds like obits are the best you can hope for, sister. The journalist says that her mother also wanted to be a writer and spent years on children's books, but never published any. She asks after Louise and Brian says his wife is feeling much better after a night at home in her own bed. She asks if she can visit Louise later, then heads upstairs.

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