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Previously on 666 Park Avenue: Nona is a thief, Gavin is a murderer, there's a creepy ghost child living in the Drake and Jane brought a suitcase full of scary into her bedroom. Plus, Annie invented a mob hit man who broke into her apartment and that's why lying is bad.

Morning at the Drake. Tony has a fancy little cart full of newspapers to drop at everyone's doors. When he drops one in front of 9A, Kandinsky opens the door and picks it up, then turns back inside the apartment and says, "Let see what the great Annie Morgan has written today." The lying Ms. Morgan is tied to a chair in her living room, gagged. He reads aloud about how he's a ruthless mob killer whose face hasn't been seen for decades, then tells Annie he was lying low until he saw her article. "Somebody talked to you," he says, tugging down her gag. She swears that she made everything up, but stops talking when he gets a knife and threatens to cut out one of her eyes. She screams that the source was her boss, Ned. Kandinsky says Ned better tell him what he wants to hear or he'll cut out both of Annie's eyes.

Jane and Henry's. She's musing about how to do her hair for dinner the next day with the mayor. He's distracted and upset because Edwards canceled his interview (on account of him being dead by smushing). Jane reassures him that he's going to have a great and successful career and as he walks backward to the bed he trips over the suitcase Jane brought up from the storage room. Let's ignore for a second that the suitcase is probably full of the evil that dwells within Gavin's soul or the severed fingers of former Drake residents -- that filthy thing has to have bedbugs. Henry thinks it's weird, but Jane wants to know what's inside. Probably tetanus. As they walk away, the locks on the suitcase start to turn on their own and the creepy little ghost girl, last seen confronting Jane in the hallway, is now hiding under Jane and Henry's bed.

Later, Jane is trying to pry open the suitcase locks when Olivia knocks and comes into the apartment. Jane offers her a drink, but Olivia wants to talk about the Drake thief. Olivia tells Jane to install cameras, hire a detective, and do whatever she needs to do to catch the thief. She also gives her some pointers on dinner with the mayor -- basically, don't act like a hillbilly. And maybe get your eyebrows tinted to match your hair? It looks so tacky. Olivia leaves, and the locks on the suitcase move again.

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