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A Crowd of Demons

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Previously on 666 Park Avenue: Kandinsky tried to shoot Henry, but Nona's vision saved him. Alexis broke into the Leonards' apartment and aggressively hit on Brian. Jane discovered a fraternal order used to hold its meetings in the basement of the Drake, she's seeing a creepy ghost child, and a man made of smoke came out of the suitcase she hauled up from the cellar.

Is it really necessary to do a Halloween episode on this show? The whole series is nothing but cheap scares and bumps in the night and bogeymen! Ugh, whatever. We start on Halloween, 1929, so the Drake is only a few years old. In the lobby, a man is reading a newspaper about the Wall Street panic that happened a few weeks earlier. The smoke man from last week, wearing a fedora, gets on the elevator with another man, who addresses him as Peter, and says they need to discuss the ritual they performed to make themselves rich. "It was a sham," the nervous guy says. "Oh, how I wish that it had been," Peter replies. The other man says there's blood on their hands, and goes to the ever popular, "What did we do?" Peter matter-of-factly replies, "We invited evil into our homes."

In Peter's apartment, the little ghost girl is his living, breathing daughter. His wife greets him, but Peter is being all quiet and distant. She asks what's wrong, and he says it was a bad day at work, that they had to close down the firm, but he thinks he's found a way out of it. And then he gets really weird and tells his wife, "In heaven, you will be truly happy." Peter's left eye starts twitching, but in a side-to-side, Peter-is-a-Terminator kind of way. Peter's wife asks what's wrong with him, and he reaches down and picks up an axe.

Peter's daughter hears her mother screaming from her bedroom (as Peter, presumably, chops off pieces of her). She hides under the bed. Mom comes into the bedroom, dripping blood, and falls on the floor. She pulls off her necklace and hands it to the daughter, saying, "Keep it safe. Keep it in the family. I love you." The necklace, of course, is the one Jane inherited from her grandmother.

Present day. Olivia is giving instructions to the caterer and the decorators about Halloween at the Drake. Jane gets off the elevator and Olivia asks her if she can pinch-hit because Olivia has to go meet Gavin. But Jane is off to watch Henry tape his first TV interview, on First Cup New York. And I immediately deduct points because the show didn't bother to get Pat Kiernan. Jane is wearing her necklace again. She says Henry is enjoying his moment in the spotlight, since he's the Gracie Mansion Hero. Olivia says she thinks it'll probably be more than a moment. Jane compliments the lobby decorations and rushes out. And then Peter walks in. He does not look impressed by how beautifully the crown molding has been preserved.

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666 Park Avenue




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