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Five HBO Comedies That Deserve the Big Screen Treatment More Than <i>Entourage</i>

That sound you hear is that of a million dudes high-fiving at the news that Entourage -- despite wrapping itself up with a ridiculous and convenient little bow -- is now being turned into a major motion picture.

Yes, it's true, the show that most of us were more than happy to bid adieu after eight seasons of the same shit happening to characters we never really understood the appeal of in the first place (wait, Vince was supposed to be the "cool" one, right?) is coming back for reasons unknown. (Wait, it's probably because the two Sex and the City movies, in spite of being terrible and sullying that show, earned a combined $703.5 million worldwide at the box office).

Will Vince still be married to his journalist wife after their shotgun wedding? Will Ari still be an insufferable rich jerk? Is Turtle skinny? Sure. Probably. Oh god, who cares? This thing will be stunningly humorless and flashy and vapid and chock full of celebrity cameos…so, you know, exactly like the show.

Of course, the truly sad thing about the Entourage movie isn't that it will bring "Hug it out, bitch" back into the lexicon, it's that there were other, significantly better HBO comedies that were on at the same time as Entourage (the Emmy-winning series ran from 2004 to 2011) but withered besides it big, bro-tastic spotlight. These are shows that not only deserve their own renaissance, but particularly one on the big screen.

Here are five HBO comedies that should be made into movies instead of Entourage:

Flight of the Conchords
What's the last truly great musical comedy movie you can think of? Ah yes, that would be 2011's The Muppets, which featured Oscar-winning tunes from none other than -- wouldn't you know it -- Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie. That's because McKenzie and his music/comedy partner Jemaine Clement have created some of the best musical collaborations you've ever heard. McKenzie and Clement turned their own comedy musical duo act Flight of the Conchords into a fictionalized version of themselves with this subversive, toe-tapping, and just damn funny Emmy-nominated HBO series that ran for two seasons from 2007 to 2009. The great thing about something like this show is that, not unlike what Tenacious D did with their movie, they can come up with a 90-minute musical adventure to go on while including storylines (Mel's obsession) and beloved characters (Murray? Present!) from TV. Bret and Jemaine hardly outstayed their welcome, and years later we're all still humming "Hiphopapotamus vs. Rhymenoceros." A Flight of the Conchords movie would, undoubtedly, have the best soundtrack, but it would also give these two the reunion tour they so desperately deserve.

Bored to Death
Now, I know what you're thinking, this one doesn't deserve to be on the list because there's already been talk that it's going to be made into a movie. It's true, the show's creator Jonathan Ames has reportedly been writing the script for the film, but the movie is still -- according to star Jonathan Schwartzman an in interview with IFC -- "just in its infancy." (As optimistic as I'd like to remain, you know how these things can often go. Case in point: the forever-in-the-works Arrested Development movie). While the neo-noir detective comedy, which ran for three seasons from 2009 to 2011, could easily have a plot that takes Jonathan (Schwartzman as Ames) on his biggest investigation yet, the real reason this movie would be great is that it would bring Zach Galifianakis (who plays his bumbling pal Ray) back to his off-beat comedy roots. Yes, he's a bona fide star thanks to The Hangover movies, but it was his ability to do more subversive work that made him a comedy god in the first place and Bored to Death would harken back to that time. Plus, a drunk Ted Danson (as boozy boss George) is always funny.

Lucky Louie
Louis C.K. didn't strike a chord with television audiences back in 2006 quite like he's been able to do these days with the beloved Louie. His HBO comedy Lucky Louie only lasted for one season, despite having some familiar faces (Pamela Adlon, Jim Norton and of course, Louis himself) and similar themes (the struggles of fatherhood). While the show wasn't of the same caliber as Louie, is there a better time than now for this to happen? After all, CK is taking a break from television to make movies and his brand of comedy is now resonating with audiences in a really big way.

The Comeback
Could you imagine a bigger, better comeback for Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) than a movie? The far too short-lived series (it had just 13 episodes during one season back in 2005) was an Emmy-nominated biting satire that skewered television and fame, so just imagine what they could do with the vanity of movie stars, too. (Even better considering that movie star comebacks often result in Oscar nominations and endless cover stories). Like Flight of the Conchords, Michael Patrick King's The Comeback is a cult darling that has a devoted fan base. No, it probably wouldn't be a runaway box office smash, but wouldn't that make it an even more meta dissection of the unforgiving business that is Hollywood?

Curb Your Enthusiasm
All right, this one is a little unfair because it is still on the air and has been given a much longer shelf life and more accolades than the other shows on this list (eight seasons, 39 Emmy nominations and counting), but honestly, I just want Larry David to make another movie that isn't the disappointing Clear History. David is not only one of the funniest actors and writers out there (however much of an acquired taste he may be), but he's also got one hell of a celebrity friend Rolodex that could make for one of the most impressive ensembles ever seen on the big screen. Curb has already tackled the world of television and theater, so why not movies? David could easily become the next Woody Allen and making a movie version of the fail-safe Curb Your Enthusiasm would be a pretttay, pretttay, pretttay good way to start.

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