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Previously on Cry, My Beloved Kitchen: Whitney, who is so very, very young, made a hell of a pork chop, but chose poorly when it came to picking an ingredient for the Chinese lunch challenge. Of course, she didn't fare as poorly as Sheena, who was kicked to the curb. (The Previously clips try to convince us that Avis was eliminated, too, but that happened eons ago, man. Step up your game, assembler of past MasterChef footage!) Also, we honored Marines for their service to our nation by not serving them enough food, but the less said about that the better. Anyhow, someone was eliminated there, too. Let's say... oh... Jenna. Tonight: More things happen!

Credits! Contestants! Judges! It's like the faces of those I've wronged floating up before me.

Anyhow, the 11 main contestants saunter into the MasterChef kitchen. David says he's still "kind of blown away that I'm actually here." That makes two of us, my man. But he's "loving every second of it." Well... the cheese stands alone, I guess. Anyhow, Gordon informs us it's a new day -- and with a new day comes a new Mystery Box Challenge. Remember the time-honored rules of the Mystery Box Challenge as they were handed down a week ago: contestants have to prepare one dish using the ingredients inside the box.

But what could be inside the box? Jake hopes it's seafood. (Mr. Sobell hopes the mystery box is properly refrigerated if it is.). Tracy hopes it's eggs, flour and sugar -- somebody wants to do some baking. (Someone should have auditioned for Top Chef Desserts, then.) Enough of this banter -- lift up your boxes. Oh, my God, it's manatee! No, wait, I'm mistaken. It's eggs, flour, milk, sugar, and butter. Tracy spins around happy. You would too if you were clairvoyant.

So they'll be making cupcakes -- "the most amazing cupcake," to be specific. All the contestants will start with the same basic ingredients. But the judges also pull back a cape to reveal a table with many, many, ingredients -- fruit, candy, nuts, and the like -- with which to adorn their baked goods. "On this table you have everything in the world you could possibly need to make a great cupcake," Joe says. Really? Because I don't see a slab of bacon there. At any rate, the wannabe chefs will have 45 minutes to whip up a yummy cupcake. The judges will only be tasting three. Winner gets a big advantage in the next stage of the competition. Since the last big advantage meant a choice between mandarin oranges, chicken and mushrooms, I'd say we define big advantages very differently. But enough -- bake, my lovelies!

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