Marky Mark? Cocaine? Pornstache? Sign me up!

by Lauren Gitlin July 24, 2008 3:25 pm
Marky Mark? Cocaine? Pornstache? Sign me up! God loves me! How do I know? Because he took a whole bunch of my favorite things -- the Seventies, Miami, Marky Mark, cocaine (culture), Peter Berg and the writings of Generation Kill uber-scribe Evan Wright -- and smooshed them all together into one big fat bow-wrapped present! I am so excited!

After the early success of the HBO show based on Wright's reportage for Rolling Stone as an embedded reporter in Iraq, Paramount has decided to strike while the iron's hot: they've signed him to write a treatment for Cocaine Cowboys, a big screen adaptation of a to-be-published book that takes drug kingpin Jon Roberts as its subject matter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg have been attached to star in and direct, respectively, the story of Jon Roberts, an injured Vietnam vet by age 20 who ended up involved in gangland takeovers of New York City nightclubs in the early '70s (his uncle was the consigliere to Carlo Gambino). By the end of the decade, Roberts landed in Miami, dealt billions of dollars worth of coke for the Medellin drug cartel and ultimately spent 10 years in prison."

Whew! Talk about something to tell your grandkids! I can only hope that my other favorite thing, the pornstache, is prominently featured in what is destined to be cinematic greatness. I am plotzing just thinking about it!




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