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Five HBO Comedies That Deserve the Big Screen Treatment More Than Entourage

That sound you hear is that of a million dudes high-fiving at the news that Entourage -- despite wrapping itself up with a ridiculous and convenient little bow -- is now being turned into a major motion picture.

Malcolm in the Middle: The Show That Let Bryan Cranston Break Through

One of the many (nay, many) Breaking Bad series finale theories floating out there on the Internet in recent weeks was that Bryan Cranston's Walter White enters the witness protection and takes on his new identity as Hal, his character on Malcolm in the Middle. Of course, this theory is clearly a joke -- and as Cranston noted during a recent appearance on Conan, Malcolm in the Middle already happened (and as the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad showed us, Walter's hideaway isn't on a Fox sitcom, but a very cold, very boring shack in New Hampshire).

Why You Should Watch Summer Heights High Before the New School Year Starts

Despite the fact that I have been out of school for a number of years that are irrelevant to this article, I still get nervous pangs whenever I see back-to-school commercials or feel that undeniable click in the air from summer to fall. Maybe it's because I don't like coat season or maybe it's because high school is a nightmarish hellscape that operates on an outdated social hierarchy and I have empathy for anyone going through it. It's probably more the latter.

Six Feet Under Moments We Still Can’t Get Over

For me, it's going to be hard to find a show with the same emotional relevance, gripping storylines or sheer brilliance as Six Feet Under. The show depicted the lives of the Fisher family, who owned and operated a funeral home in California. Each episode began with the death of the individual they would bury that episode, but it wasn't all black hats and Kleenex boxes. The show also had terrifically funny moments -- like fantasy sequences, when characters would act out what they'd really like to say or do -- and a profundity and realness that has seldom been matched, on cable or pay-per-view.

Why We’re Still Mourning Southland

by Ariel Kay June 27, 2013 6:00 am
Why We’re Still Mourning Southland

This week, we honor the bravery of our founding fathers who, over two centuries ago, fought a war against an empire so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy today. And what better way to celebrate American exceptionalism then by watching a made-for-TV movie about aliens? Syfy is airing its latest flick, Independence Daysaster, starring Tom Everett Scott on June 27. Scott's character, Sam, must defend the planet from invading extraterrestrials along with a team of "rogue scientists." Scott, as you may well remember, played Detective Russell Clarke on Southland, the guy who was kicked off the force for selling pictures of a celebrity crime scene. Independence Daysaster looks like quite a step down from the critically-acclaimed Southland -- though who knows, maybe this alien flick will reinvigorate the entire genre. Whatever the case, this momentous occasion provides a great opportunity for us to take a look back at Southland, which was just cancelled in May after its fifth season finale.

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Desperate Housewives: Who’s Upgraded, Who’s Downgraded?

ABC's upcoming Mistresses may not actually have any major concrete connections with Desperate Housewives, but the parallels are obvious, given that they're both dark series about unhappy female friends struggling with their relationships. I'm not sure whether the series will be an upgrade or a downgrade of Desperate Housewives in its quality (though it won't have to work hard to beat the series finale), Mistresses has certainly inspired me to check in on how the working actors of Desperate Housewives are getting along. Basically, what I've learned is this: Either join the cast of Mad Men, land a starring role of Dallas or live in TV purgatory:

Five Post-Arrested Development Shows That Deserve a Second Chance

It's been seven years since Arrested Development's departure from the terrestrial airwaves and its digital realm return, but the cult show's beloved ensemble hasn't exactly been idle during that gap. Some have moved on to big-screen careers (most notably Jason Bateman and Michael Cera), while others have bounced from series to series, the majority of which have followed Arrested's trajectory of low-rated runs to cancellation. Unlike Arrested, though, few people are clamoring for these shows to make a comeback on network television, Netflix or even YouTube. And while it's true that the last thing the world needs is more episodes of Welcome to the Captain, Retired at 35 or Up All Night, there are a handful of shows featuring members of the Arrested cast that would merit a second chance. Here are five post-AD series we'd like to see find a new home.

Veronica Mars: The Pros and Cons of the Movie Kickstarter

Upon hearing that there was a real possibility of a Veronica Mars movie, if creator Rob Thomas could raise enough money through his Kickstarter campaign, the first reaction of any self-respecting fan of the show was to reach for their wallet and hand over all of their money. But the bigger question is: if they do meet their $2 million goal [Update: accomplished in a mere ten hours], is a Veronica Mars movie actually a good idea? We weigh the pros and cons.

Catching Up with United States of Tara Alumni

by Rachel Stein January 24, 2013 4:12 pm
Catching Up with United States of Tara Alumni

I've long been a devout fan of United States of Tara, a show that maybe could have succeeded if a few more people were able to get over their Diablo Cody hang-ups and move past the fact that the show took liberties with dissociative identity disorder in order to, you know, be a fictional series about a struggling family. Whatever. On a more pleasant note, I've noticed former U.S. of Tara players all over my TV screen later, and for my fellow fans, here's what the Gregsons and their friends are up to just in case you've missed them.

Best Week Ever: Other VH1 Reality Shows We Want Back

We don't know what's more confusing: Why VH1 is bringing back Best Week Ever now, or why it was cancelled in the first place. We always enjoyed watching the pop culture show, and even read the fantastic Best Week Ever blog until it was shut down last June. We're happy it's coming back (assuming TPTB don't screw around with the original format too much) and hope that it's wildly successful so that the cabler will bring back these other recent -- we're not talking the Music First era, here -- gone-too-soon programs:



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