21 Most Environmentally Friendly TV Characters

by TWoP Staff November 5, 2007 1:27 pm

1) "The Simpsons," Lisa Simpson-- Lisa's convictions are strongly leftist. She is a vegetarian and has expressed a desire to become a vegan. Lisa also joined the animal rights group PETA.

2) "Friends," Phoebe Buffay -- Portrayed by Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe is somewhat of a champion of animal rights and the environment. She is a vegetarian and doesn't eat "food with a face. She is against the wearing of fur coats, and cries when flowers die.

3) "Green Acres," Oliver Wendell Douglas -- Oliver was a New York City attorney who had a dream of moving to the Midwest and operating a farm rather than practicing law. He didn't adjust well to farm life, not for lacking of trying though. The show concentrated on farming, growing your own crops, and caring for animals.

4) "All in the Family," Gloria and Michael Stivic -- Portrayed by Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner, they shared liberal political beliefs. An example of this is when Michael got arrested for a nude protest at a nuclear power plant.

5) "Ellen DeGeneres Show," Ellen -- Ellen is a big animal activist and lover of the environment. On her show she often refers to the hybrid car she drives and tries to get as many pets adopted as possible.

6) "Days of our Lives," Sami and Lucas -- They have a "Green Wedding." Their cake will be made of organic flour, organic dairy products, free range eggs and other natural ingredients; her dress will be created out of pure silk; many of the flowers for the green wedding will be living arrangements -- in other words, potted plants that can be transplanted and reused. The rings that Sami and Lucas will exchange come from Tacori, a "green business" famous for their signature crescent silhouette trademarked design and known for using conflict free diamonds. The printed menus, invitations, and place cards are made from recycled paper and raw silk.

7) "The Muppet Show," Kermit the Frog -- Kermit is known for coming from the swamp and loving it. In 1996, he gave a commencement speech at Southampton College in which he emphasized his environmentalist side. In January 2006 he appeared in a commercial for the Ford Escape Hybrid.

8) "CSI," Sara Sidle -- Played by Jorja Fox this character was not always a supporter of the environment. After taking on certain cases this began to change. She now has a soft spot for animals after seeing Grissom conduct an experiment using a pig. She became a vegetarian and she put in additional time on a case involving a slaughtered gorilla.

9) "Boy Meets World," Topanga Lawrence -- Portrayed by Danielle Fishel was introduced as the hippie vegetarian character who had strong beliefs about the environment. As her character aged and entered high school these issues were less prevalent

10) "Northern Exposure," Chris Stevens -- Portrayed by John Corbett, he was an Alaskan disc jockey who used his platform to tell the world about nature and life.

11) Sundance Channel -- That green tint on your television is from the Sundance Channel's new programming. The network, founded by actor and longtime environmental advocate Robert Redford, will debut a weekly three-hour block of eco-friendly TV in April. Plans for "The Green," the first segment of its kind in prime time, include a series profiling leading activists and innovators, feature-length documentaries, lifestyle shows, and news specials.

12) "Saved By The Bell," Jessie Spano -- Portrayed by Elizabeth Berkley, she is the shows resident know-it-all crusader. She's often seen pursuing a variety of causes, many of them environmentally based, such as protesting against oil spills and the use of certain products in the Bayside cafeteria.

13) "Penn & Teller's Bullshit," Penn & Teller -- This orginal series airs on Showtime. The two tackle subjects such as nuclear power, hybrid cars, the Arctic National Wildlife and pollution.

14) "The Office," Angela Martin -- Portrayed by Angela Kinsey, she is the head of accounting at Dunder-Mifflin. She stands out as the animal loving, vegetarian of the group.

15) "The Wonder Years," Karen Arnold -- The oldest sibling of the Arnold clan portrayed by Oliva d'Abo, she was known as a hippie with liberal beliefs who later married and moved to Alaska.

16) "Desperate Housewives," John Rowland -- The infamous gardener portrayed by Jesse Metcalf was a lover of nature. He was a teenage gardener who grew up to run his own successful gardening company.

17) "Designing Spaces" -- Informative series inspires viewers to make every space count and instructs them on the smartest ways to make their homes more beautiful and functional. Forbo Flooring Inc. has come up with a solution to unhealthy flooring with Marmoleum, a floating floor with excellent environmental & indoor air quality properties, featured on "Desigining Spaces."

18) "Living with Ed," Ed Begley Jr. -- In this reality show, Ed Begley Jr is an eco-obsessed husband. The show is set in the couple's entirely solar-powered modest two-bedroom Hollywood home. The series takes viewers inside their unconventional lifestyle and also offers real tips on ways to create a more eco-friendly home.

19) "Work Out" -- This workout reality show has an outdoor gym that boasts a 360° degree view of Los Angeles and classes like yoga under the stars. These kind of workouts inspire environmentally friendly behavior.

20) "Dharma & Greg," Abigail -- Portrayed my Mimi Kennedy, she is Dharma's free spirited mother. She is is a militant vegan, and extremely liberal.

21) "Three's Company," Janet Wood -- Janet was played by Joyce DeWitt. Janet worked in and later managed the Arcade Flower Shop. She was very fond of plants and leafy green pots were seen all over her co-ed apartment.

-- written by Meredith Schulman




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