<i>30 Rock</I> Channels <I>The Mary Tyler Moore Show</i> … Again

There have been comparisons to Liz Lemon's character and Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show before, but last night's plot seemed to be plucked straight from the annals of MTM. Liz Lemon encounters a little person and covers for her embarrassment by trying to date the guy. It instantly reminded me of a modern twist on the "Toulousse Lautrec is One of My Favorite Artists" episode, where Mary has a nice chat with a guy, only to find out that he's a foot shorter than she is. Awkwardness ensues.

Mary spends the entire episode trying to keep herself from making inappropriate comments, like commenting on how she doesn't smoke because it would stunt her growth, and accidentally calling him a shrimp. Mary's beau Eric is smart and successful, much like Peter Dinklage's Stuart on 30 Rock, the career ladies both have trouble adjusting to the idea of dating a shorter guy, despite how perfect he may seem on paper.

They are wildly different in execution, and well, you can't really top Peter Dinklage in the acting department, but the episodes do have a lot in common. You can see for yourself below. As an entire episode, I still think I like the MTM one better (made me laugh again, though I've seen it at least 20 times), but Liz Lemon thinking her future beau was a kid... twice... was pretty damned funny.

What do you think? Sound off below.

Mary Tyler Moore Episode

30 Rock Episode




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