<i>Veronica Mars</i>: Other 2004 Network Shows That Need a Reunion Movie

Along with cult favorite Veronica Mars, the fall of 2004 saw the debuts of such breakout shows as Lost, Desperate Housewives and House. Those series all lasted much longer than the perpetually low-rated Mars (which folded after three seasons) but the Rob Thomas-created teen detective thriller is the only one that's getting a feature-film reunion, thanks to its devoted fanbase and the good folks at Kickstarter. Glancing back over that decade-old fall and midseason schedule, here are five other short-lived, mostly-forgotten hour-long network dramas that stand out as contenders for a reunion movie.

Life As We Know It (ABC)
Lifespan: 11 episodes (13 produced)
Stars: Missy Peregrym, Sean Faris, Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Lucas and Veronica Mars's own Chris "Piz" Lowell
Premise: The personal travails of a bunch of teens (and their parents) at a typical high school in Seattle.
Why We Dug It: Veronica Mars was deservedly acclaimed for putting a noir spin on the usual high school drama, but Life as We Know It was an example of how pleasurable a straightforward teen soap can be when it's written and acted this well (Kelly Osbourne's dubious performance aside).
Reason for Reunion: Take a page from the Veronica Mars movie and base it around the now-grown kids' ten-year reunion. Does Ben still carry a torch for the teacher he bedded? Are Jonathan and Deborah (the unlikely duo of Lowell and Osbourne) still an item? Did Jackie become the next Mia Hamm? So many questions to answer for the miniscule number of people who liked (and remember) this show.

Point Pleasant (Fox)
Lifespan: 11 episodes (13 produced)
Stars: Elisabeth Harnois, Dina Meyer, Grant Show, Samuel Page and Alex Carter
Premise: An orphaned girl is spat out of the sea on the shores of Point Pleasant, NJ, where she's welcomed into a community that only gradually becomes aware of her supernatural powers and demonic heritage.
Why We Dug It: Mainly because it was a chance to see longtime Buffy/Angel writer/producer Marti Noxon create her own mythology from the ground-up, instead of playing in Joss Whedon's sandbox.
Reason for Reunion: Since so much of the show was about preventing the end of the world, the movie should pick up after the apocalypse has come and gone, presenting who is still alive -- and who holds the power -- in this brave new world. And hey, since post-apocalyptic fiction is all the rage these days, viewers might actually watch Point Pleasant this time.

Lifespan: 13 episodes
Stars: Heather Locklear, Blair Underwood, Paul Leydon and Wendy Hoopes
Premise: Runway manager Harley Random (yes, that really was Locklear's onscreen name) and terminal head honcho Roger (Underwood) deal with the many and varied crises that crop up at California's busiest airport, while also competing for the recently vacated top spot and dealing with their love/hate relationship with each other.
Why We Dug It: Because it addictive bad TV -- just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the writers proved you wrong.
Reason for Reunion: Now that Joe and Anthony Russo (who helmed the pilot) are big-time directors thanks to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they can use some of that Marvel cash to make a movie that really explores the way a major metropolitan airport operates: the budget meetings, the security guidelines, the lack of any good food in the food court. Ah, screw it… bring on the ridiculous soap opera! Just make sure it ends with Harley having to land a plane herself, Airport-style.

Kevin Hill (UPN)
Lifespan: 22 episodes
Stars: Taye Diggs, Jon Seda, Meagan Good and a pre-Mad Men Christina Hendricks.
Premise: A fast-living lawyer and bachelor is forced to slow down a bit when he's winds up being named the guardian of his infant cousin, Sarah.
Why We Dug It: It was Taye Diggs and a Baby! Both stars were too adorable not to love.
Reason for Reunion: Quickly resolving the "Did Kevin have to return the kid to her biological mother" cliffhanger, the movie leaps forward in time and becomes a Rachel Getting Married-style account of the girl's 10th birthday party, complete with vérité cinematography and an Anne Hathaway cameo.

Jack & Bobby (The WB)
Lifespan: 22 episodes
Stars: Matt Long, Logan Lerman, John Slattery, Christine Lahti
Premise: In the future one of two McCallister brothers will become President of the United States; in the present, they're just ordinary kids being guided to adulthood by their liberal single mother.
Why We Dug It: The back-and-forth structure added texture and dramatic weight to the familiar family drama and the cast was top-notch.
Reason for Reunion: Although the series finale wrapped up most of the show's ongoing mysteries in both the present and future, there's room for a "first year on the job" movie outlining the political and social climate President McCallister faced upon entering the Oval Office in 2040. Maybe Kevin Spacey can be his chief of staff.




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