<I>Best Week Ever</i>: Other VH1 Reality Shows We Want Back

We don't know what's more confusing: Why VH1 is bringing back Best Week Ever now, or why it was cancelled in the first place. We always enjoyed watching the pop culture show, and even read the fantastic Best Week Ever blog until it was shut down last June. We're happy it's coming back (assuming TPTB don't screw around with the original format too much) and hope that it's wildly successful so that the cabler will bring back these other recent -- we're not talking the Music First era, here -- gone-too-soon programs:

My Big Friggin' Wedding
There have been multiple My Big Fat Greek Wedding rip-offs and Jersey Shore wannabes, but this was the only series that totally stole both ideas and slapped them together haphazardly... and beautifully. I watched this show religiously with my fiancé, back when Johnny Meatballs was small-time, Tammie was drinking vodka while possibly pregnant (it's safer, she sweared) and he was only my boyfriend. We're getting married next year, but if my mom doesn't ruin my bachelorette party by getting too wasted and having to go to the hospital, my wedding will be a sham.

The OCD Project
Psychologist Dr. David Tolin's Fear Factor for OCD sufferers maybe have been exploitative to some of the people on the show, but we got the feeling that his unconventional methods actually helped his patients, too, which is why we enjoyed this docu-series so much... well, that, and that one time he made someone eat a pastry off of a public toilet.

Dad Camp
I wrote about this bootcamp for expecting young fathers show before, and I honestly think that the only reason it's not around is because it provided young people with much-needed guidance instead of making them quasi-famous and then ruining their lives. The fact that Dr. Drew mercifully wasn't the host probably didn't help matters, either. I just hope little Cash is enjoying toddlerhood.

You're Cut Off!
How are there not regular protests outside of the VH1 HQ about the injustice of this totally scripted My Super Sweet 16-meets-Revenge reality show no longer airing? I only wish someone on Bachelor Pad called Erica Rose out for appearing on both seasons of this series, or that I knew a single person who also spotted Season 2's Hana Hills' brief wordless cameo on an early episode of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset.

Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels
The best reality dating show of all time. Period.

The Surreal Life
Hear me out: The only reason I would possibly want this show back is because before washed-up celebrities were paid to dance, high dive and date on other more socially accepted networks, has-been misfits migrated to VH1 and stayed out of the public's conscious. Sure, it's directly responsible for such travesties like Strange Love, My Fair Brady, Flavor of Love, Charm School, I Love New York, I Love Money, Frank The Entertainer... in a Basement Affair and New York Goes to Hollywood (and much, much more), but one thing's for sure: it wasn't nearly as upsetting as Breaking Bonaduce (which, I will remind you, came years before AMC's Breaking Bad).

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