Classic Scripted Shows That Spawned Jon & Kate Plus 8

by Angel Cohn July 1, 2009 12:52 pm
Classic Scripted Shows That Spawned <I>Jon & Kate Plus 8</I>

Our current TV-crazed society seems to be obsessed with reality series about plus-sized families, from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Raising Sextuplets to 18 Kids & Counting. However, shows about the complexities of coping with large families are nothing new. In fact, people have always gravitated towards these types of series... even if most of them weren't very good. But while there have been heaps of twin shows (and even identical cousins), the giant families seem to hold some especially magical allure for certain viers. And now that there are reality shows, they don't need to pay kid actors any more. They can just scar actual children for life by sticking cameras in their faces and filming their every move. Anyway, we hold these classic (and not so) scripted series responsible for this disturbing TV trend.

More Shows We'd Like to See on DVD

by Angel Cohn June 4, 2009 5:32 pm
More Shows We'd Like to See on DVD

A few months ago we lamented some shows that weren't on DVD, but now it's summer and we're lacking substantive shows to watch this time of year. We'd love to retreat into a box set of an old favorite. Sadly some classic (and not-so classic) shows aren't available on DVD (at least legally). It is sort of crazy, because we can get all of Saved by the Bell: The New Class, 'Til Death, Seventh Heaven and Home Improvement, but yet The Wonder Years isn't available. Most delays are due to rights issues or companies that owned them went out of business, but still, we'd like to see someone figure it out and get these seasons out to us, stat.



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