Five Post-<i>Arrested Development</I> Shows That Deserve a Second Chance

It's been seven years since Arrested Development's departure from the terrestrial airwaves and its digital realm return, but the cult show's beloved ensemble hasn't exactly been idle during that gap. Some have moved on to big-screen careers (most notably Jason Bateman and Michael Cera), while others have bounced from series to series, the majority of which have followed Arrested's trajectory of low-rated runs to cancellation. Unlike Arrested, though, few people are clamoring for these shows to make a comeback on network television, Netflix or even YouTube. And while it's true that the last thing the world needs is more episodes of Welcome to the Captain, Retired at 35 or Up All Night, there are a handful of shows featuring members of the Arrested cast that would merit a second chance. Here are five post-AD series we'd like to see find a new home.

Arrested Development: The Characters We Want to Revisit

by TWoP Staff November 21, 2011 5:11 pm
<I>Arrested Development</i>: The Characters We Want to Revisit

Frankly, we've been weary of writing about the alleged revival of Arrested Development. The series has a history of claiming to return from the dead, only to shatter the hearts of extremely fragile fans, to say the least. Now that the cast and creators have publicly announced a return, and that Netflix has reportedly picked up the rights to new episodes, we finally feel comfortable breaking our silence with a list of minor characters we very truly hope to see again after all this time, presented without comment just in case we find out in a couple of days that this has all been some kind of cruel, sick joke.

The 10 Arrested Development Things We Miss Most

by Mindy Monez July 31, 2008 3:06 pm
The 10 <I>Arrested Development</I> Things We Miss Most Ahh, the demise of Arrested Development. A series cancellation so widely devastating I'm surprised comedy fans didn't set themselves on fire in protest. I have to say, I considered it, but like Frankenstein's monster, I fear flames. Besides, that's what blogs are for. Two and a half years after the end of the brilliant series, I don't know one person who doesn't still miss the Bluths terribly, and here are just 10 of the many reasons why (with video!).

<i>Cougar Town</i> and 8 Other Inappropriate Relationships in TV History

Tonight marks the Season 5 premiere of Cougar Town, a feat that seemed almost impossible a few years ago. You might even say as improbable as the ever-blossoming romance between Laurie (Busy Philipps) and Travis (Dan Byrd). Sorry, did I say improbable? I meant inappropriate. Sure, these are both consenting adults, their age gap isn't that wide and now that Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) have settled down the show needed a new love story to focus on, but still….ew. There's just something so inherently wrong about getting together with your best friend's grown son. But whether or not Laurie and Travis make this work (Jules could very well kill Laurie), they're still far from the only so-wrong-it's-wrong TV courtship. Let's take a look back, in no particular order, at some of the most memorable inappropriate relationships:

What <I>Up All Night</i>‘s Will Arnett Can Learn From His Cancelled Shows

Full disclosure: I love Will Arnett. Frankly, I don't know many people who don't think he's hilarious and wonderful and has the perfect family. But this relationship -- mine and his, not his and Amy Poehler's, obviously -- can only be one-sided for so long; I've been giving him chances to have a new and interesting character in a funny and likable series for years now, and every time he sorely disappoints. Maybe it's not fair to blame him for his failures in the past few years, but it seems like every job he takes, he refuses to play a different character. In Up All Night, there are pangs of change and a small glimmer of hope that he'll finally broaden his range, and if he learns from his former mistakes, he'll be golden. Here's our advice:



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